The most recent method that aspiring artists use to try to have their work acknowledged is via the use of reality television talent contests. You are not only need to provide an audition in front of the judges, but you are also required to provide an audition in front of millions of spectators at home. Although it may be nerve-wracking, if you are successful in impressing others, you may be well on your road to being a famous person.

During the audition process for the popular program “The Voice UK: Blind Auditions,” candidates are presented in front of a panel of judges that includes, Jennifer Hudson, Olly Murs, and Sir Tom Jones will be performing. These judges are responsible for deciding who advances to the subsequent round of competition. Not only that, but they get to join in on the fun with the other participants as they go along.

The renowned singer and actress Bethzienna Williams had the opportunity to share the stage with the renowned Tom Jones in one of the episodes of the program.

Jones, who is a legend in the business, is famous for songs like “What’s New Pussycat” and “She’s a Lady,” among others.

Jones initiated the discussion by inquiring about Williams’ familiarity with the song “Cry to Me” by Solomon Burke. Williams had not heard the song before. Williams said that the song was one of her favorites on account of the fact that it was included in “Dirty Dancing,” which is one of her favorite movies.

Jones was then encouraged by the judges to join Williams on stage and perform the song together. Williams was then asked to join Jones.

The request was granted by Jones, which came as a surprise. Williams was obviously overjoyed, and she joined Jones in singing loudly and enthusiastically. Everyone in the crowd was ecstatic at the unexpected performance, and now you get the opportunity to witness it along with them.

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