Music is a language that is understood by everyone, and regardless of where you come from, you can certainly make an effort to express appreciation for a wide variety of musical styles. Radio and television programs that are centered on music are broadcast all over the world, and their popularity continues to grow with each new and exciting season.

The seventeenth season of “American Idol” has just begun, and one of the first singers to go through the audition process in front of the judges is already establishing themselves as a frontrunner in the competition! Myra Tran is the name of the singer, and despite the fact that she is still a youngster at the age of 19, she astonished the judges with her remarkable singing abilities. In spite of the fact that Myra has a little accent, her incredible and expressive singing skill has not been hindered in the least by the fact that she is of Vietnamese and Vietnamese origin.

“One Night Only” is the song that Myra chose to perform, which is one of Jennifer Hudson’s songs. The powerful feelings that she conveyed via her performance of the song have left an impression on everyone of the judges in their own unique way. However, despite the fact that she is only in high school, her vocal aptitude gives the impression that she has been honing her skill for decades! It has only been a year since Myra made the trip from her native Vietnam to the United States of America. Despite the fact that she is still in the process of integrating into the culture of the United States, she was certain that her voice skill would be able to transcend any and all barriers. Throughout her childhood, she had a strong desire to be a contestant on the popular singing competition known as “American Idol.” Now that she has finally achieved her goal, she is making every effort to please the judges.

Myra’s performance was a surprise since no one anticipated that she would have such a powerful and imposing voice, despite the fact that she was a very little kid. One of the judges on the event, Katy Perry, was reportedly so taken aback by the performance that she dropped her jaw in the middle of it. Luke Bryan, one of the other judges on the panel, even went so far as to compare her to Kelly Clarkson, the superstar who got her start on the program. It was obvious that Myra was overcome by the overwhelming amount of favorable remarks, and she was brought to tears while the judging panel was in session. It is quite clear that everyone came to the conclusion that Myra needed to advance in the competition, and everyone is anxious to see how she performs during the course of her presence on the program. She will undoubtedly achieve a great deal in the realm of music and go on to do great things!

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