Mike Russell began a romantic connection with Sarah a number of years ago, which ultimately resulted in the couple being married. Their blended family now includes two children from prior marriages that each of them brought into the mix.

The daughter, who was ten years old at the time, shed tears of happiness after hearing an emotional confession from her father. Since Camryn was five years old, Mike has been fully committed to his position in her life, and he has been there for every game, performance, and momentous occasion.

The father from Temple, Texas, recalled the beginning of their relationship by saying, “I entered Camryn’s life when she was 5 years old, and we quickly became inseparable after starting a relationship with her mother.” He was referring to the time when they first got emotionally connected.

In response to Camryn’s request, which she made when she was seven years old, Mike gave her permission to use his surname. After a period of three years, Mike and Sarah made the decision to formally adopt a child. In June of 2021, they communicated their happy news to Camryn while she was attending school.

Camryn’s formal admission as a Russell was announced using placards that Mike and Sarah had with them when they arrived at the school. The sight of these signs caused Camryn’s face to light up with happy anticipation. Upon receiving Mike’s hug, tears of joy began to flood down her face. In recognition of the role that stepfathers have in the lives of children, he said, “The adoption of Camryn was a commitment to be there for her, love her without conditions, and bring a special significance to her life.”

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