‘Family Switch,’ the latest film by Moreno, was made available on Netflix on November 30.
In the days leading up to her 92nd birthday, Rita Moreno is putting the record straight on her plans for an early retirement.

On December 11, the winner of the Emmy Award for Best Actress will celebrate another year around the sun. Despite the fact that she is older than the majority of other professional performers, Moreno claims that she is really “in her prime.”

A conversation took place on Sunday between Moreno and Deidre Behar of ET from the carpet of the Kennedy Center Honors, which she received in 2015 for her accomplishments. The timeless actress said that she does not intend to slow down any time in the near future over the course of the chat.

“It’s no secret that I like what I do. In response to the question, the West Side Story actor said, “Why on earth would I want to leave what I love?” “With that in mind, I want to proceed. Unless I am unable to do so or until I am unable to do so.”

According to her IMDB profile, Moreno has been in a number of shows in the year 2023 alone, including Family Switch on Netflix, Fast X, 80 for Brady, and an episode of Lopez vs. Lopez on NBC. This demonstrates that she is a firm believer in this particular principle.

Regarding the year 2024, she did not provide any information about the initiatives that she had planned, but she did say that she would be pleased to share more information when the time was right.

“I have a couple,” Moreno answered. “I have.” “I can’t talk about it yet, okay?”

On the other hand, what about the resolutions and the goals? She is not one to make significant adjustments.

“More of the same,” she stated in reference to her objectives for the year 2024. “I like what I do, and I am passionate about it. As I’ve said before, I adore actors. When I speak about it for a long enough period of time, you will see me start to weep up. I’m simply a wonderful person. I really am a nice person. “I’ve had a very eventful life.”

What is the appropriate way for someone who has lived such a life to commemorate their 92nd birthday? There is a plan, or three, that Moreno has.

“Well, I’ve moved into a new apartment rather than a house,” she said. She made a joke on how she would celebrate the event by saying, “And it’s small enough that I think I’m going to have to have like three parties with the three different groups of people.”

On Sunday evening, ET spoke with a number of celebrities, including Debbie Allen, Cynthia Erivo, and Dove Cameron, among others. The winner of the EGOT was only one of the many celebrities that participated.

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