A story that was published in November 2023 by the Sydney Morning Herald said that a girl called Isabelle Miller, who is 14 years old and goes by the nickname Izzy, was on the verge of returning home.

She hopped aboard another bus, which was situated outside of Casino High School in New South Wales, in order to have a little bit more conversation with her friends before the buses left. This was done before she decided to board the bus that she needed to take in order to return home.

During an interview with Today, Izzy said that she had observed that the driver was absent and that she discovered something was wrong.

A terrible accident occurred when the bus began rolling without a driver just out of the blue. Immediately, Izzy came up with a strategy and sat down in the driver’s seat in order to save the lives of the other pupils who were on board.

Despite the fact that Izzy had never driven a bus in her whole life, she was able to maneuver and place her foot on the brake pedal rather than the acceleration pedal. She was able to drive away once the direction of the car was changed, which allowed her to do so. No one was wounded, and Izzy was the one who saved the lives of other children. If the bus had struck the gas station directly, it would have been a catastrophe. Fortunately, none of those things happened.

Izzy was able to steer the bus in a safe manner despite the presence of other cars and people in the vicinity, as shown by the CCTV video obtained from the gas station, which showed the bus traveling in a different way.

Additionally, it was possible to observe a few of the school’s instructors trying to maneuver the bus in a different direction by pushing it away from them…

She recounted that at that moment, “everyone was freaking out like, ‘Oh, what do we do now?'”

She confessed in the interview that it was a really terrifying experience for her, knowing that there might have been a calamity if she didn’t do anything that day. Despite the fact that she was hailed for her heroic deed, Izzy said that it was a pretty terrible experience for her.

“It was pretty terrifying to think that, if I hadn’t done anything, something terrible could have happened,” she added. “It was a terrifying thought.”

Rebecca said that she was pleased that nothing had happened to her daughter and the other children who were on the bus. She stated that she did not know what had occurred until after Izzy had returned home. Rebecca also stated that she was happy that her daughter had not been hurt.

In spite of everything, the mother felt a great deal of pride in her daughter’s deeds.

Upon the bus’s arrival at its destination, Izzy expressed her sense of relief, stating, “I was pretty relieved that it actually stopped and that nothing bad happened to the kids on the bus or to myself.”

According to an article that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Izzy was invited to attend a meeting with the bus business Northern Rivers Buslines, where she was praised for the acts that she had accomplished.

In addition, she was presented with a plaque and a prize of one hundred dollars from the North Casino Mini Mart, which is located just across the street from the school and was on the verge of being struck by the bus if Izzy had not acted promptly.

What Izzy did served as a source of motivation for many others, and as a result, they offered their thoughts on the video that was uploaded on Facebook.

Someone added, “This young girl should be awarded a bravery medal 🥇 she saved lives in the bus and service station,” expressing appreciation for her courage.

One individual expressed their admiration for Izzy, saying, “Izzy, you have done an incredible job. Without even realizing it, the lives that this young lady has saved through her quick thinking are truly remarkable and should be recognized in some way.”

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