In the same way that two individuals should be able to communicate their emotions to one another regardless of both of their physical appearances, love should be able to transcend all borders. That being said, however, not everyone is of the same viewpoint. When a person who is close to you makes an effort to prevent you from loving another person, the heartache that results may be very terrible.

The fact that Yesi and Bryan, a couple who braved all odds and married one other despite the desires of the man’s family, ended themselves in this situation is an example of what might happen.

The couple discussed their relationship in an interview with Truly that was released in 2023. In the interview, they discussed their affair. Yesi, who was born with a kind of dwarfism known as diastrophic dysplasia, and Bryan are in what is known as a “height difference relationship.” This is due to the fact that Bryan is five feet nine inches tall, while his sweetheart is just two feet ten inches tall.

In spite of the fact that they are separated by a distance of three feet, they continue to have feelings of affection for one another.

When I was younger, I was often told, “Oh, you should only date a person who is on the smaller side.” Yes, she said, and she also mentioned that she had never dated anybody else who was shorter than her, since all of her past relationships were with people of normal height.

In addition to this, Yesi had a difficult time dealing with the way in which society regarded her, since there were those who discriminated against her due to the fact that she was tall.

The first time that Yesi and Bryan met was on the internet, and Bryan was never really concerned with her appearance. Through looking at her photographs, he was able to determine from the very beginning of their connection that she was a young person.

A little while later, they made the decision to get together, and they got along well.

“I just knew that I could be myself one hundred percent,” Yesi said. “He just made me feel comfortable, and I believe that I was able to do that.”

After a year had passed, they made the decision to live in together, and they eventually got married.

In spite of the fact that they are married, they continue to get unfavorable remarks from the general public, with many people considering Bryan to be Yesi’s caretaker.

According to Yesi, “I have observed that the majority of people are making the assumption that he is my caregiver, and I am responding by saying, ‘No, he is not my caregiver; he is my husband.'”

Despite the fact that the majority of Yesi’s friends and family members were happy with their relationship, there were a few close friends and family members who made “mean comments” about them.

When it came to Bryan’s family, things were not simple for him since the first time he informed his mother, Maggie, about Yesi’s height, he said that she was “reserved about it.” Despite this, he continued to assert that he loved her.

When Yesi and Bryan’s mother first met, Yesi was aware that the older lady was tense. This was OK with Yesi since she realized that the older woman was not the ideal person that “most mothers will want for their kids.”

Maggie even went so far as to ask Bryan, “Are you sure you want to be with someone that you’re going to wipe the butt for the rest of your life?” This was the moment at which things reached their absolute worst.

As a consequence of this, Bryan said that he and his mother did not communicate with one another for more than half a year.

In the video, Maggie and Bryan demonstrate that they have moved on from this situation and are now able to have an open conversation about the matter with each other and with Yesi.

Maggie, who works in the medical profession, emphasized that when she found out that Yesi was partly in need of a wheelchair, it meant that sooner or later, he would have to take care of her all the time. This was something that she discovered when she was questioned about the reasons why she first disapproved of their connection.

In a subsequent statement, Maggie said that her son could have interpreted her statements as “disapproval,” but she emphasized that the true meaning of her words was “commitment.”

As Maggie said, “If you bring him happiness and you guys love each other, I’m more than happy.” It seemed as if the three had already put some distance between themselves and the previous disagreement. At a later time, they gave each other a bear embrace.

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