Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once claimed that music is the universal language that may be understood by all people anywhere. It has never been made more plain than it is in this film, which also includes an elderly guy who cannot be identified and Brendan Kavanagh, better known by his stage as “Dr. K.”

At the railway station, the elderly gentleman is by himself. He is now improvising on the piano. He is quite content to play the instrument all by himself, regardless of whether or not anybody is looking.

Brendan Kavanagh appears out of nowhere and immediately begins playing music with the other individual. The two men begin to play some boogie-woogie piano, and Brendan, who is also known as “Dr. K.,” is one of the names they use.

Brendan is standing next the guy who is seated and playing the piano at the same time. After that, Brendan will go to his left and add bass lines to the tunes he is working on. They played together for a period of time more than five minutes.

People are stopping what they’re doing to pay attention to a piano duet that is playing really loudly in the center of a station. The film of the occurrence that was captured using a smartphone at the moment has been seen by millions of people all over the world.

Two strangers find each other at a piano that is all by itself and begin playing music together in a manner that is nearly supernatural. They don’t utter a single sound. Brendan is constantly probing the guy, trying to determine whether or not he is familiar with the tunes that are being played.

Brendan’s behavior in the past has often been similar to this. On several websites, he is seen accompanied by other individuals, playing the piano in public places such as railway stations and retail malls. He is interested in having fun and making music, therefore he participates in as many musical groups as he can.

Because Brendan has a PhD in English, many people refer to him as “Dr. K.” He is a British-born piano instructor who was born in Ireland. He enjoys boogie-woogie piano playing and instructing others in the style. In this scene from the movie, Brendan and the other guy can be seen making up songs and playing riffs in the manner of the music.

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