In spite of the fact that we are unable to provide conclusive evidence either way, Mark is quite certain that Meg has had cosmetic surgery on the basis of his professional judgment. “I think she looked better before this work,” he said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with It’s possible that she overextended herself. I believe that is the reason why people are somewhat surprised since she does not look like the Meg Ryan that all of us adore.

So, according to Mark, what exactly did Meg alter? “The most obvious thing that she’s had done is some sort of filler or fat transfer to her cheek,” he added. “This is by far the most obvious thing that she’s had done.” “It is unquestionably excessive due to the fact that the apple of her cheek is excessively ripe and big. When she smiles, all of that filler pushes up, which gives the appearance that her eyes are more narrow. Because of the way the volume in her cheeks is distributed, she comes off as having a masculine appearance. It would have been better if the amount of the filler had been positioned more laterally to give her a gentler appearance.

Mark is under the impression that Meg has worked on more than just her cheeks. “The tip of her nose is narrower than it was before,” he continued. It is highly likely that she had some kind of rhinoplasty since the tip of her nose seems to have been squeezed. There is no doubt that she has had Botox done to her forehead in addition to having volume added to her lips. Because of the excessive amount of Botox that has been injected into her forehead, the position of her eyebrows has been lowered, which has the effect of making her eyes seem smaller.

Mark shared with us his knowledge that a face lift is the procedure that may most dramatically alter the appearance of a person’s face. It seems like Meg Ryan may have been involved in one. It’s plausible given the dramatic changes that have taken place in the contours of her face. It seems that her face has a distinct texture as well. It seems as if she may have had a laser skin resurfacing operation of some kind.

He is concerned that Meg’s addiction may be the cause of the significant transformation she has undergone. “Addiction to plastic surgery is a very real thing,” the speaker said. He elaborated, saying, “It’s the never-ending desire to change your image.” And what exactly is the source of this preoccupation? “In a nutshell, it’s dissatisfaction with how others see you. It stems from the fundamental problem of being dissatisfied with oneself on the inside. You believe that doing surgery would fix the problem, but in reality, it won’t since the issue is more of a mental distortion of how you see yourself.

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