After being mauled by her father’s 100-pound rescue Pitbull and Bully in Pennsylvania, United States, Trinity Rowles, who is now 20 years old, has had to endure four major reconstructive surgery on her face.

During a vicious assault that was completely unprovoked, a nursing student had her nose torn off by her father’s rescue dog, which has left her with permanent scarring.

After being attacked on September 9, 2022 in Pennsylvania, United States, by her father’s 100-pound rescue Pitbull and Bully mix named Irish, Trinity Rowles, who was 20 years old at the time, has needed four severe reconstructive surgery to her face.

When she attempted to get away from him by walking away, the dog, which has been kept by her dad for around five years, viciously attacked her.

Trinity said, “Irish assaulted me as I was walking away.” I lost my balance and fell on the ground; that’s when I felt him begin to bite the bridge of my nose. I was screaming at him that he was biting the bridge of my nose.

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“Despite my dad’s best efforts to protect as much of me as possible by putting me in the fetal position, Irish kept trying to approach me and continued to bite me,” I said.

Trinity stated, “He then latched on to my arm and began playing tug of war with it as if my arm was a toy, and dragged her across the yard.” “He then latched on to my arm and began playing tug of war with it as if my arm was a toy.”

“Then abruptly, as if someone had flipped a switch, Irish just walked away and sat at the stairs leading up to the porch.”

She required immediate medical attention and was taken to Holy Spirit Hospital, where she remained until being moved to the Penn State Hershey Medical Center.

One week after the brutal assault, she had a skin transplant procedure in which cartilage from the top of her ear was used in conjunction with skin removed from the top of her forehead and scalp.

Trinity now suffers from PTSD as a result of the traumatic incident, which results in her having flashbacks and making it difficult for her to sleep at night. Nevertheless, she is now participating in treatment and taking medicine.

Trinity said that she was taken aback by the incident since Irish was “like a great big teddy bear,” and she asserted that the mauling was not typical of Irish’s behavior.

Irish was locked up inside the house as her father and the neighbors tried to contact the emergency services.

Trinity had a clear recollection of the time when the dog was shot, as she related the following: “When the police arrived, I remember I was getting put on to a stretcher and heard my dad shout ‘just do it’ before the sound of gunshots being discharged.”

The student nurse said that the assault only lasted a few minutes but seemed to last for a much longer period of time.

Trinity shared her revelation, saying, “I felt like I was in and out of reality while the attack was going on.” Even when my “fight or flight” response kicked in, I was still aware of what was going on.

“To a limited level, I was aware that I was being attacked and bitten, but the amount of my awareness was limited. I was in agony, but I had no clue how severe my injuries were. I only knew something was wrong.

“After the assault, blood was pouring out of my nose like a faucet. It seemed like there was a pool in my hand. Additionally, I was losing a significant amount of blood from my arm.

“After that, I don’t remember much because I was taken to the hospital,” the patient said. Because the wounds were so deep, my mother came to see me at the hospital, and she informed me that when the doctors examined me, they were practically placing their hands into my arms.

Trinity is now employed at the Penn State Rehabilitation Hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania. She completed the Health Careers program at Dauphin County Technical School in 2021 and graduated with the degree.

Since then, she has gotten a new vehicle, moved into her first apartment with her boyfriend Jayy, and expresses her gratitude for the fact that she is still alive.

Trinity said, “I am still scheduled to have anywhere from three to a maximum of six additional surgeries to assist with my recovery.”

“The subsequent step will be to assist in removing the scar that is located on her forehead, and we also want to work on my nostrils as a result of the fact that they are of varying sizes.

“Even though this has been a horrifying experience that has altered the course of my life, I am just so thankful to still be here.”

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