If you, like me, spent much too much time and effort hoping that the three Saint Bernards that are now available for adoption in Edmonton, Canada, would find a home together, you may finally relax today. The three enormous large males have apparently been given new homes, according to the reports.

The Edmonton Humane Society was the organization that first publicized the existence of the 350-pound dog pack consisting of Gasket, Gunther, and Goliath in the middle of October. Because the canines, who are two years old, are very connected to one another, anybody who adopts them will need to be ready to take all of them in. According to the charitable organization, a family from Calgary was selected to adopt the canines after they got a significant number of expressions of interest in doing so.

“We cried tears of joy when we found out that we were getting the opportunity to meet them,” the family, which has decided to remain anonymous, said today. “We are so excited to finally meet them.” “Almost immediately, we found ourselves falling in love with them. The dogs are quite exuberant and friendly towards new people. They will be such an excellent addition to our home.

By Anna

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