Jenna Dewan toasted her daughter on the occasion of her most recent achievement!

Everly Tatum, the daughter the actress of “The Rookie” has with her ex-husband Channing Tatum, was ten on Wednesday, and the actress marked the occasion with a party. Dewan chose to commemorate the joyous event by displaying a carousel of heartfelt photographs in celebration of the special day.

“On this day, ten years ago, a fierce and magical soul entered the world and made me a mother. Since then, my life has never been the same, and it never will be again.” You are everything to me, and much more than that. Your motherhood fills me with an unending sense of pride and gratitude. I am grateful that you have chosen me. I adore you in a way that words could never adequately describe! “Ahhh ten….!” she stated in her post.

The first image that greeted readers was that of Everly resting her head on her mother’s breast not long after she was born. It also had photographs of Dewan and a younger version of Everly beaming for the camera at various events and locations, such as parties and the beach. At the conclusion of the message, the actress from Step Up included a current photo of herself with the birthday girl.

The ecstatic mother shared images of her daughter’s birthday cake and balloon arrangement on the Instagram Story she maintains for her account.

Dewan, who is 42 years old, also has a son named Callum, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Steve Kazee.

Tatum spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how he and his family celebrated the event before his daughter’s big birthday.

“We just went to Six Flags, so we kind of did it early… but she’s got a big birthday coming up this coming weekend, so it’s fun,” he told ET. “[But] it’s fun because she’s got a big birthday coming up this coming weekend.”

The actor of Magic Mike said that he is already anticipating his daughter’s teenage years and that it is something he is dreading.

He said with a chuckle that “I don’t think anybody’s ready for the teenage years.” “I heard it’s like aliens coming down and they just snatch your kid away and then bring them back around the age of 22 or so!”

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