Maya is a really beautiful Husky, and her name is Maya. She is unique among other canines due to the fact that, sadly, her life has been challenging from the beginning. As a result of her condition, Maya was unable to walk and run properly like other dogs her size and breed.

The challenges in Maya’s life do not stop there; she also suffers from a degenerative illness that manifests itself in hip conditions. When you add the bone condition to the mix, it makes it extremely difficult for Maya to walk about.

Maya never buckled under the pressure of these challenges because she is very resilient. Even amongst numerous people, there wouldn’t be many who could survive for so long. The husky in question has a courageous character.

The veterinarians didn’t seem to pay any attention to her. But a good-hearted lady called Keith made the decision to provide her with a place to stay. She had seen Maya on social media, and she wanted to meet the husky right away after seeing her. Maya’s happiness may be attributed to the attention that her master provided for her.

She is the most gorgeous Husky there ever was, and she is wearing a flower crown. This stunning picture series is sure to captivate the attention of anybody who views it. Like a professional model, extremely photogenic.

By Elen

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