When the people who were going to take care of Kitten Zoe’s sister came, she was able to convince them that they should take care of both of them. She had a huge, dark heart-shaped mark on her breast that made her seem to humans to be very endearing.

Surprisingly, no one had ever seen this heart before then, despite the fact that it was extraordinarily lifelike. The locals thought that Zoe would make a wonderful companion for them, and the two girls remained inseparable after that. Her parents also gave her the nickname “Queen of Hearts” because of the mark that grew larger and larger on her chest as she got older.

They now have close to 75,000 people following them on their own social media profile. Because of the peculiar tattoo on her heart, much of the attention was first directed on Zoe. In recent times, however, the siblings have achieved a comparable degree of recognition as a result of the fact that the other sister has something distinctive as well, namely, her cute and expressive facial expression.

Both of the sisters are beautiful creatures, yet their personalities couldn’t be more different from one another. The other sister is wild and bold, which is in stark contrast to Zoe, who is more cautious yet has an incredible thirst for knowledge. These two peculiar kittens have an unusually strong loyalty not just to their owners but also to one another.

By Elen

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