This lovely creature is a joyful and loving creature with an easygoing and pleasant personality. Her name is Butter, and she is a beautiful cat. However, when it comes to the matter of protecting the people he cares about, he is not the modest or subservient sort.

When his owner stepped outside one morning with their other pet, the lovable dog Mochi, he was not expecting such an unexpected event to take place. They had just stepped out into the front yard of their home when a neighbor came out with his dog. And immediately there was a fascinating accident that had happened.

Butter watched as the unusual animal made attempts to approach Mochi. Perhaps the animal wants to interact with Mochi and play with him. In the meanwhile, Butter acted as a protector and confronted the “intruder” while Mochi was at a loss on what to do.

He began to make a racket because he was afraid that something terrible was about to happen to his darling companion. The unfortunate puppy had no other intention but to play with Mochi, but Butter would not let him participate. Thankfully, the dog did not sustain any injuries. Simply put, he was scared and bewildered.

Because Butter believed that his friend’s life was in danger, he displayed a courageous deed of attempting to preserve and defend his friend’s life. It was a dream come true to have a pet who was both compassionate and fearless in the home.

By Elen

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