There are some days that are better than others, and a hearty chuckle has the potential to make your day much better.

If you want to have a big grin on your face and a good belly laugh, you have most certainly found the correct place to be.

This little puppy with wrinkles is working on his “big boy” voice in the mirror. It’s lucky for us that this specific period of a dog’s existence was caught on tape since it happens to all dogs at some point in their lives. Such a cute little thing! I have a dream that he will always be a little boy!

The adorable bulldog puppy that can be seen in the video will probably make your heart soften just a little bit. You may even find yourself pulling for him to succeed!

As he finally begins to howl, the sweetest tiny hiccups you’ve ever seen interrupt his howl, and it’s one of the most adorable things you’ve ever seen!

You have nothing to worry about, little one, for repetition is the key to success. It would seem that this juvenile howler will have a lot of time to practice his trade before it is put on display. When you unwind and lie down, take pleasure in the adorable antics of this little puppy.

See how he howls as loudly as he possibly can!

By Elen

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