Holly Faulconer was immediately enamored by the fearless little fawn that she saw visiting her bird feeder in order to grab seed from it when she first observed a deer.

Yet, not too long after that, the young deer, whose she had given the name Sassafras, started making appearances for an entirely other reason. She was excited to meet her new best friend, Huey, the dog that belonged to Faulconer.

Huey was saved by Faulconer nine years ago, and ever since then, the two of them have been inseparable. Faulconer was taken aback when Huey began showing an interest in befriending Sassafras rather than viewing the curious deer as a potential threat. Huey is very protective of his mother, so Faulconer was surprised by his behavior.

According to Faulconer, who was interviewed by The Dodo, Huey “was a little perplexed at first and obviously cautious.” I would simply have a conversation with them both and make sure that they both had a sense of security. They began their conversation over the fence in a very casual manner.

Now, Sassafras visits her new best friend quite frequently to talk about their past experiences.

When Sassafras comes to visit, she sometimes even brings both of her babies with her.

Faulconer described it as “completely and utterly lovely.” “I really enjoy looking at them.”

It does not make a difference to Huey and Sassafras that they are members of different species. Dependability, friendliness, and, well, being tall enough to converse over the fence are the qualities that actually count the most.

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