When Claudia Petrullo and her husband were searching for an older dog to adopt, they came across some photographs of Jolene online and realized right away that she was the perfect fit for their family.

Despite Petrullo’s assertion that “We got Jolene from PupStarz rescue in Brooklyn, New York, in February of 2022, although her adoption ad indicated that she was 18, our doctor believes that Jolene is closer to the age of 13.” Since she was so toothless and frail, the shelter most likely thought that she was much older than she really was.

Rescue Puppy Extremely Offended Parents Let Her Get Caught Under Warm Blanket – The Dodo

Jolene was overjoyed to start her new life in such a luxurious and comfortable environment as soon as she was able to move into her brand-new house. She has adjusted well to her new surroundings and looks forward to spending time with her new family. As Jolene’s parents arrived at their house, as was their custom, they anticipated an immediate greeting from their daughter. They were aware that something was amiss when she was no longer present.

Petrullo said that the instant she heard us approach the room, she became initially frightened, but she immediately understood that the woman was hiding behind the blanket and had placed her head and arm through the opening.

Jolene had every intention of rushing to her parent’s house in the customary manner in order to greet them when they arrived. She did not want to get trapped, but it happened nonetheless. The expression on her mother’s face as she saw her daughter struggling was one of endearing fury. To tell you the truth, she wasn’t all that disturbed by it at all. According to Petrullo, Jolene was overjoyed to see both of us and couldn’t stop hugging and kissing us.

Rescue Puppy Extremely Offended Parents Let Her Get Caught Under Warm Blanket – The Dodo

In spite of the fact that it wasn’t that big of an issue, Jolene’s parents decided that they would never again feel comfortable leaving her alone with the blanket.

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