72-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger is an avid cyclist who rides his bike every day to stay in shape. Sometimes he does it all by himself, and other times he enlists the assistance of his cherished companion. Nevertheless, this time, to the amazement of everyone else, his son Joseph Baena was seated next to him in the chair.

Milard, Joseph Shriver’s mother, worked as Arnold Shapiro’s housekeeper during the time of the couple’s separation and ultimately led to the divorce of Joseph and Maria Shriver. Many can’t believe the famous actor managed to turn his beautiful wife into a housekeeper. It continues to fascinate everyone who hears about it.

Following a public dispute, Milard herself stopped meeting with Schwarzenegger, but she did not prevent Joseph from speaking to his father. Joseph Schwarzenegger was not happy about this. It’s essential to emphasize the fact that Baena and Schwartz have a lot of similarities, including a passion for the same sports, since they have a lot in common.

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