With the birth of a child, a mother goes through a spectrum of emotions, just as any other mother does, and dogs are no exception. These feelings might vary from exhilaration and connecting to nervousness and guarding of one’s territory.

Kuma, a French Bulldog, is shown in this video expressing her anguish after discovering that her pups were delivered far too soon. Kuma’s feelings can only be described as devastating.
Kuma had just given birth to three pups, but two of them were premature and undeveloped when they were born. After that, the pups were put into an incubator so that they would have the greatest possible chance of surviving. Despite this, Kuma didn’t pay much attention since her fear was rising by the second.

Kuma finally decides to peek inside the incubator since she is unable to keep her worries a secret any longer. She examines the pups’ vital signs by balancing on a chair and bending over the incubator. This allows her to have better access. She doesn’t budge an inch from where she is, and it seems that she is pleased with how well her children are holding on.

We are pleased to learn that Kuma’s pups survived the ordeal and were soon permitted to go back home with their French Bulldog father, Sour Pork. This brings a sense of relief to all of us. The dog family has settled into their forever home and is doing rather well for themselves there. The affection and concern that Kuma has for her offspring is just adorable.

Watch Kuma in the video that can be seen below as she steadfastly refuses to take her focus off of her preterm pups.

By Elen

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