In 2016, Michael Joy went through the experience that every dog owner dreads. His three cherished pets got lost and disappeared when they grew confused.

Two of the dogs came back, but Sam, a Labrador retriever puppy who was just four months old, was nowhere to be seen. Michael searched far and low for Sam, even looking in all of the area’s homeless shelters.

Michael said that he had informed his wife, “Look, I’m going to locate this puppy.” I never stopped following the shelters’ websites, and I still do so to this day in case he turned up there. I never gave up looking for him.

Michael and his family ultimately settled in Kentucky, but he never stopped holding out hope that Sam was still alive and well somewhere. Often visiting their prior home in Georgia in the vain expectation that Sam would still be there, he traveled back and forth between the two states.

After over five years of searching, Michael was still unable to track down Sam.

Michael was still unable to locate Sam after almost five years had gone since they had last spoken.

Then, though, Michael received a call from City Dogs Cleveland from out of the blue one day.
She makes the announcement, “We have Sam.” I had this nagging thought that “This can’t be the same Sam!” running in the back of my head constantly. Michael made this assertion.

“We’ve made it to Ohio!” This place is almost as cold as Michigan!

As a result, I said, “Can you give me a description of him?” I asked you where you were, and when I could pick up my friend, you didn’t respond. when she stated, “He has shorter, lighter hair,” referring to the dog.

The rescue organization had performed an examination on Sam, and while they were doing so, they scanned him and found that he had a microchip. After that, they were successful in locating him among the Joy family members.

Michael traveled all the way to Ohio that day in the vain expectation that Sam would somehow keep him in her memory. Both Michael and Sam had experienced substantial changes in personality and outlook on life during the course of those years.
“When we make our way up there, you can almost see the eagerness written all over my face as I wait for them to take Sam out. Michael remarked, “I felt like a child on Christmas.”

Michael had the same ecstatic expression that Sam did. He wiggled his tail nonstop and jumped all over his father in an attempt to get his attention.

The likelihood of Michael allowing Sam to spend significant time apart from him in the not-too-distant future is remote, in the opinion of any sensible person.

By Elen

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