Otter and his sister, Bunny, were discovered abandoned in Northern California by a kind Samaritan, who took them in and began providing for their care. It didn’t take her long to understand that the twins are both a little bit different, though, and so she took them both to Baby Kitten Rescue so that they could get the specialist care that they need.

Both Otter and Bunny are missing their front paws, and Otter is missing some of the toes on each of his front paws. Bunny is missing both of her front paws. But, they both have a great deal of determination, and despite their difficulties, they get by quite well.

“When they came, they were in dreadful condition: upper respiratory sickness, fleas, dirty, and having severe diarrhea,” Caroline said to The Dodo. “When they arrived, they were in horrible health.” “As I was concentrating on making them healthy (under the supervision of our veterinarian), I observed that Otter’s head and face appeared different than a regular kitten of his age. He had a very high forehead, and his eyes were incredibly enormous and protruding. Moreover, what seemed to be an abscess was seen near the crown of Otter’s skull. Because of the ‘abscess,’ he was prescribed antibiotics; yet, the condition did not improve.

Otter was diagnosed with hydrocephalus and meningocele after Caroline brought him to a neurologist, who she accompanied to the appointment. In reality, an exposed portion of his skull is what’s causing the abscess on the top of his head. Once he has reached the age of six months, he will be able to have an MRI, which will help establish the severity of his disease as well as his requirements. At the age of one year, he will undergo surgery to have a plate surgically implanted over the hole in his skull. Up until that point, the individuals who are responsible for his care have had to learn how to improvise.

Caroline said that this was the reason why Otter wore a Band-Aid. In addition to that, the protection of his brain is another reason he always wears a helmet.

From the moment he was placed in her care, Caroline has ensured that Otter’s head is protected by a Band-Aid at all times. Since he is such a teeny-tiny cat, the fact that he is wearing a Band-Aid on his head just serves to make him appear sillier and cuter. Otter also has a one-of-a-kind helmet that was crafted by his companions so that he may safeguard his noggin when he is out and about being a kitten.

Otter and Bunny seem oblivious to the fact that they are physically different from other kittens, despite the fact that both of them have problems. They haven’t allowed anything to get in the way of how much they enjoy life with their foster mom, and that hasn’t changed.

Caroline said that Otter has a disposition that was not just courageous and inquisitive, but also very loving and affectionate. Otter has a passion for going to new locations and meeting new people. He is often the one that initiates the initial experiment while Rabbit observes from a distance. As soon as Otter demonstrates to Bunny that the new activity is risk-free, Bunny will participate as well! Otter is the older brother, and he does his best to protect his sister at all times. Because of her impairment, she has been forced to learn how to adapt by learning to stand and walk on her hind legs. Otter has also begun learning how to stand and walk on his rear legs… Both Bunny and Otter have shown remarkable resilience in the face of their handicaps. “None of them is aware that they are different, and yet they are both bubbling over with happiness!”

Since Otter and Bunny are inseparable, when the time comes for them to find forever homes, they will have to be adopted together. It will be some time before they are prepared to move on to their permanent home, but once they are, they will look for a family that has previous experience caring for animals with special needs and that is willing to continue providing them with any specialized care that they may require in the future.

Otter may seem a little strange with a Band-Aid and helmet on his head, but they protect him and make him look rather attractive at the same time, so he is not in the least bit upset about it. He is having the time of his life traveling the globe and can’t wait to find out what the future holds for him.

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