Rihanna was a stray cat that lived outdoors and was being fed by good Samaritans until one of them discovered she was pregnant. Rihanna gave birth to a healthy kitten. Since the lady couldn’t take care of the expectant mother by herself, she put a request out on Facebook to see if anybody could assist her. House of Six Cats, a user on TikTok who is quite active in the foster care community, swiftly stepped forward and offered to take in and care for Rihanna via the local humane organization.

Rihanna was already well along in her pregnancy when she moved into the foster home where she was placed. Her new mother was expecting her to give birth at any moment, but instead, she took her time getting settled in and psychologically prepared herself for parenthood. Her child was born about a week later than expected. The days went by, and there were still no kittens. Rihanna gave birth to her children for the first time on the ninth day of her stay in the foster home where she had been placed.

After giving birth to three incredibly chubby kittens, Rihanna instantly demonstrated that she was the greatest mother in the history of the world. Since she had no trouble caring for her new kids and seemed to be extremely comfortable, her rescuer instantly thought of Rihanna when she heard about an orphaned newborn kitten that needed a new mother. Rihanna was adopted by a family and now has two litters of offspring.

She made the decision to take in the newborn cat and give Rihanna the opportunity to meet him. Rihanna popped her head out of the box she and her babies were hiding in, sniffed him, and picked him up within seconds, making him a member of her family. She put him outside the box where Rihanna and her kittens were hiding.

The foster parents have affectionately dubbed him “the extra baby,” and it didn’t take him very long at all to adjust to his new home and family. Within just a few minutes of being with his new family, he was already feeding from his new mother and snuggling with his three new siblings. The person who facilitated the adoption was overjoyed that everything went down without a hitch and that Rihanna didn’t hesitate to claim the additional child as her own.

Rihanna’s four children are all healthy and making progress in their development with each passing day. Mama Rihanna is doing an excellent job of rearing and caring for them so that one day they will all be able to move out and find homes that will be theirs for the rest of their lives.

@houseofsixcats Surprise! Welcome home bonus baby 💕 thank you @small_town_foster for helping with this kitten rescue 🐾 #mamarihanna #mamacat #rihanna #catsoftiktok #fosterkittens ♬ Umbrella Lofi (Remix) – BANG AL

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