It has been announced that Lindsay Lohan will become a mother.

She made the announcement on Tuesday through Instagram that she and her husband, Bader Shammas, are expecting their first child together. The Parent Trap actor is 36 years old.

In conjunction with a picture of a onesie in white that says “upcoming, coming soon,” Lohan added, “We are grateful and thrilled! 🙏🤍👶🍼, “include Shammas in the post’s tagging system.

After making the announcement of her engagement in a series of Instagram photographs in November 2021, the actress married the financier at the beginning of July, according to a representative for the couple who spoke with PEOPLE. “My love. My life. My relatives. My future, “She created the text for the photo.

In an Instagram post, Lohan referred to Shammas as her “spouse,” which led to speculation that the actress had secretly wed.

“🎂❤️🥰 I cannot believe how fortunate I am in this life. It’s not that I’m looking for a partner; it’s just that he discovered me and recognized that I was looking for a way to achieve both happiness and elegance at the same time “This is how Lohan started the caption for a picture of the two of them together.

She went on to say that “I cannot believe that this man is indeed my husband. My whole existence, including my life. “each and every woman ought to feel like this on a daily basis.”

In June, while Lohan was celebrating Shammas’ birthday, she posted another picture of the two of them together. “My love! You are not only an amazing guy and a wonderful human being, but you are also my closest friend “The selfie included a caption written by her.

“I am grateful to you, baby, for loving me in return. I adore you in the deepest way! ❤️ Best wishes on your special day!”

In February of 2020, when Lohan posted a group selfie at a music event in Dubai that she has since removed, she casually mentioned a “boyfriend” in the text. This was the first time that romance rumors were spread about Lohan.

In the photo, Lohan could be seen smiling broadly while standing in the middle of a guy wearing a black jacket and the drummer for Bastille, Chris “Woody” Wood, who had played with his band earlier that evening. In addition, Lohan’s sister Aliana and the rock musician Dan Smith were a part of the ensemble.

“@aliana wonderful evening spent with my sister and my boyfriend Bader. such a fantastical evening, “At the time, she penned a caption next to the photograph.

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