Janet Yeoh, Michelle Yeoh’s mother, was not there in person to see her daughter create history at the 2023 Oscars; nonetheless, she was enthusiastically cheering for her in Malaysia, which is located in the middle of the planet.

Her stunning performance in the science fiction movie “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” earned her the Oscar for best actress on March 12, becoming her the first Asian woman to ever win the coveted award. “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” was the first film to feature the actress.

A worldwide news agency called AFP released a video on Twitter a few hours after Yeoh’s historic night displaying her mother’s ecstatic reaction to her daughter’s accomplishment.

In the video, Janet Yeoh can be seen wiping away a tear from her eye before getting to her feet and cheering with the other individuals in the room.

I can’t contain my enthusiasm. The woman, who was 84 years old at the time, subsequently told reporters, “I’m proud of my daughter.” “I am quite proud of my daughter. My kid is a girl who puts in a lot of effort.

After that, Janet Yeoh was spotted making the sign for a bagel with her hands in allusion to the successful film that her daughter had produced. Yeoh’s “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephanie Hsu, and other members of the cast continually made the same sign throughout the night every time the movie won an award. Yeoh’s “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once” received three awards.

According to a story by the Associated Press on March 13, the Yeoh family had an Oscar-watching party, where they were accompanied by two ministers from the Malaysian government as well as a large number of fans.

At the occasion, the site reports that Janet Yeoh told reporters, “I really adore my daughter, and she has made Malaysia proud.” She concluded by saying, “Malaysia Boleh!,” which means “Malaysia Can!” in English.

Also, she referred to her kid as “my little princess” while speaking about her.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Michelle Yeoh made a video call to her mother after the awards event and held up her golden trophy.

After being given her Oscar by past winners Jessica Chastain and Halle Berry, the recipient of the Academy Award gave an emotional speech in which she dedicated it to her mother. The latter created history in 2002 when she won the award for best actress, being the first woman of color and the first Black woman to do so.

Michelle Yeoh started her statement by honoring the young Asian boys and girls who would perceive her triumph as “a light of hope and possibility.” She said this before addressing her mother.

The actor, who was 60 years old at the time, told the gathering, “Here is evidence — think big, and dreams do come true.” “And women, don’t let anyone tell you you’re ever beyond your prime. Never give up.”

She said, “I have to dedicate this to my mom, and to all the parents in the world because they are truly the superheroes in this world.” Nobody would be here with us tonight if it weren’t for them.”

At the conclusion of her address, she expressed her gratitude to the Academy and said how excited she was to take her Oscar back to Malaysia with her.

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