Rod Stewart has left an everlasting stamp in the hearts and minds of millions of people worldwide, continuing to create an effect in the lives of many up until now via his music. Yet apart from his work as an artist, Stewart is well-known for being a wonderful provider for his family. In 2011, the man who was already a parent to eight children became a grandpa for the first time. He often discusses how his family has taken precedence over his professional life. Recently, the rock singer has shown signs that he is prepared to cut down his hectic work schedule in order to spend more time with the people who are closest to him and most important to him.

Stewart is one of the most successful musicians in the history of recorded music. In 1962, he began his professional career by becoming a member of Jimmy Powell and The Five Dimensions, where he served as a singer and harmonica player. Over his musical career, Stewart has been a member of a variety of ensembles, but he has also carved out a career for himself as a solo artist. There have been a total of 32 studio albums published by him up to this point, seven of which have debuted atop the album charts in the UK.

He is primarily renowned for his singles like “Sailing,” “Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright),” and “You’re in My Heart (The Last Acclaim),” among many more chart-toppers that later became legendary successes. As a result of all that Stewart has accomplished throughout the course of his career spanning 60 years, his current value is estimated to be $300 million.

The rock musician has three marriages and eight children with five different women, making his total number of offspring eight. After finally tying the knot in 2007, he has been happily married to his partner of nearly two decades, Penny Lancaster, for the last almost two decades. They are responsible for his two youngest children, who are ages 12 and 17, respectively. According to Stewart, who will be 78 years old in 2023, he plans to reduce the amount of time he spends on tour since it takes him away from his cherished children and family for too long.

Living on the road has been part and parcel of Stewart’s existence for more than 60 years now, and in October 2022, he delivered a bombshell news that that was now going to change. He said the following to the Daily Record:

“The next year will be the last year that I go out on the road playing rock and roll. I want to try something out of the ordinary. It’s as though we’ve reached the end of an era. Everything has to have a conclusion at some point.

The “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” game was a classic. He said that he did not believe this would be the end of his career.

“I’m not going to retire, and I still have a passion for singing; I simply want to try my hand at something else.” It’s possible that you’ll find me playing guitar in several folk clubs. Just take a fresh approach, he said.

Stewart said that a primary motivation for his desire to reduce his involvement in abroad initiatives was his desire to spend more time with his loved ones at home. “I do not wish to participate in the major tours any more, particularly in the United States. That requires a significant amount of time away from my children… That used to be OK since everyone enjoyed themselves so much. He made the statement, “It is still a lot of fun and games, but I miss my kids so much.”

Stewart noted that the upcoming 2023 tour, which included stops in South America, Australia, Las Vegas, England, and Scotland, was likely going to be the final time he performed several songs from his repertoire. The tour was scheduled to take place in the year 2023. He said to the media outlet:

“I am not going to retire; I simply feel that it’s time for me to move on…. After these gigs, I won’t be singing songs like “Maggie May” or “Hot Legs,” so you better be ready to have a good time because you won’t have another chance. I don’t want to be 80 years old and still be singing “Hot Legs.”

In spite of the fact that he will be 78 years old in January of 2023, Stewart said on RNZ’s Sunday Morning that maintaining a consistent routine in regard to his physical condition is essential for the job.

“If you’re not fit (the tour takes its toll). On the other hand, I take great satisfaction in my physical health and the power in my voice. Each of these things need a significant amount of practice, particularly the voice. A week before the first show, I begin to get my voice ready by warming it up. “I’m constantly in the gym, and I make sure to keep myself in shape,” he remarked.

He continued by saying that his performances demand a great deal of him physically. Being onstage for such a long period of time might be exhausting. I don’t technically perform while standing in front of a microphone and singing. He went on to say, “I want to bounce about, dance (if you could call it that), be engaged, and make others happy.”

Stewart said that one of his favorite things to do was to impart whatever knowledge he could to others who were younger than him. “I make an effort to provide guidance, and although some individuals take it, others choose to ignore it. Particularly in the music industry, where people already believe they know everything, he complained, “they already think they know it all.”

He also mentioned how becoming older has caused him to reevaluate some of the objectives he had set for himself in his life, especially after going through some significant tragedies.

“During the last quarter, I’ve suffered the loss of not one, but two of my brothers. He expressed his sadness and said, “It is a tremendous loss for me since we were all extremely close, and one of them was 95 and the other one was 88.”

Yet, with elder age comes a better perspective, and for Stewart, that means having an appreciation for all of life’s benefits. He said:

“I’ve grown up now. I have a fantastic wife, seven gorgeous kids, I honestly couldn’t be happier. Life has its ups and downs; while one is young, one loves the colorful tapestry that life has to offer. I’ve done it, I’ve done it, and I’ve had fun doing it, and I’ve had a fulfilling life.”

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