Mick Jagger is the lead singer for The Rolling Stones, a legendary rock and roll band whose name is mentioned in two different Lobbies of Notoriety. They are the Exhibition hall of Shake and Roll and the National Music of Great Britain.

The British man, who is now 78 years old, is a father to eight children. Today, we will spend more time getting to know Devereux, who is the youngest of the performer’s children.

Octavian Basil was born on the 8th of December, 2016, for Devereux. The name “Octavian” comes from the Latin word for “the eighth.” Melanie Hamrick, a ballerina, is the mother of the child; Mick Jagger has been in a relationship with her for seven years and seems to have chosen to settle down permanently with her. The baby’s father is the Rolling Stones frontman Keith Richards. With the birth of the eighth child, Mick makes the decision to have a family with the boy’s mother and follows through with his intention to devote to her.

The singer has four sons and three daughters, all of them were born from his prior relationships with five different women. Since Mick has five grandchildren and a great-granddaughter who is around two generations older than his youngest child, it’s possible that Mick also has a lot of money in the bank. The Shake Star does not want to feel old, therefore in the event that he has run out of time, all of his grandchildren address him as “you.” This is also the reason why they call him “you.”

It has been brought to the attention of internet users who watch photographs of the child that Devoro looks to resemble his father when the latter was in his earlier years. In point of fact, there are many who refer to the young man as a “identical clone” of his father.

How endearing is that! Commentators write a variety of things, including “Very like his father!” and “A charmed youngster with the look of a rock star.”

Photos that have been widely circulated suggest that the musician’s kid has inherited his father Mick’s distinctively full lips, beautiful blue eyes, and thick, light hair. It is also very clear that the frontman’s youngest child was endowed with the gift of creativity from infancy, as seen by the ease with which he poses for pictures.

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