Gareth and Deana Tobias have shown that love is limitless during the course of their 28-year marriage, proving the old adage that “love knows no boundaries.” Their love has endured the test of time and is still going strong despite the challenging conditions they have been through.

After going to the same community center in 1981 when they were both only teens, Gareth and Deana were able to meet one another and eventually become a couple. When Gareth was 17, Deana was already 19.

Gareth was quick to point out with pride that he used to be quite the ladies’ man despite the fact that he was much younger. When he started dating Deana, he was already involved with three other women.

Upon disclosing that detail about his background, he then went on to say, “I selected the correct one, and that’s Deana,” which was a really endearing comment. When he saw her, he fell in love at first sight.

He had no idea that Deana, who was drawn to him because of his fiery red hair, felt the same way toward him. They were a match made in heaven due to the fact that she was also a redhead.

Gareth and Deana quickly became inseparable after they had their first encounter together. They first got together as friends, but later their relationship progressed into something more serious.

Their relatives acknowledged that it wasn’t until ten years later when they started talking about getting married, that they knew the couple was really committed to one another. The happy pair announced their engagement while celebrating Deana’s birthday in Blackpool, UK, on their holiday.

They went down the aisle on July 4, 1992, in front of forty of their closest family members and friends, having planned their ideal wedding with the assistance of their family members. The celebration was one that was held from the heart, and it was full of laughter, good times, and dancing.

They have been married for the longest known period of time to a couple with Down syndrome, which is currently 28 years. They have been able to have a joyful life together despite the difficulties they have encountered throughout their relationship.

Gareth and Deana, like any other married couple, have been seen squabbling here and there throughout the years, but they have always been able to patch things up and get back together again. The couple’s next-door neighbor, Lorraine Heyworth, said that “I guess that’s what a long marriage is all about.”

They used to go on camping excursions once a year, back when they were in their prime and before old age began to take its toll on them. They would spend the day at the camping spot and then go out to the club in the evening. Because they cannot travel as often as they formerly did, they have started going on dates at the neighborhood bar, where they have a drink together before going home.

Also, Gareth is still employed at a local grocery shop on a part-time basis three days each week. Deana is quite pleased with how hard her husband works, and she expresses her pride by saying:

We spend all of our time together, with the exception of the hours that he is at work. We have a lot of laughter, and we watch out for one another.

In a similar vein, Gareth is content to be employed since he takes pleasure in the job that he performs. In addition, he takes great pride in his role as “the man of the house,” which enables him to meet their requirements and pay for them to go out to the bar.

Everyone who knows the pair is overjoyed to see the couple’s love continuing to flourish even after 28 years. Even their neighbors are familiar with their routine, which consists of the couple having a drink and playing dominoes together on a regular basis. When there is music playing, they both like dancing together very much.

Gareth and Deana are more content than they have ever been in their years together as a married couple because they have had so many extraordinary events. They continue to be inseparable and enjoy themselves thoroughly whenever they are together.

It is because of Gareth and Deana that other couples who both have Down syndrome are encouraged to do what is in their hearts. The fact that Leah and Andrew Taylor Jones took the plunge and made the decision to be married demonstrates that love can triumph over any obstacle. You may learn more about their tale by clicking here.

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