A dog that was 15 years old and had been missing for over a year was reunited with his family recently.

Implanting a microchip in a pet increases the likelihood that they will be located should they go lost. There are numerous tales that illustrate how essential it is to do well in this examination.

After almost a whole year of looking for it, a family was finally reunited with their 15-year-old dog not too long ago. On a wet and windy day in October in West Palm Beach, Lisa Raulerson made the decision to prop open the door for a little bit.

But, after some time had passed, she observed that the sparks that her dog had disappeared.

She was in the same miserable state as his wife. When they first obtained Sparks, he was only a young pup. Hence, the dog spent the whole of his 15-year life with the same two people.

Lisa never gave up hope, and for the last two weeks, he has been seeking for sparks with a fervor. She exerted a lot of effort, but none of her efforts helped her locate her cherished puppy.

When a few months had passed, Lisa stumbled onto her puppy while reading a post on Facebook regarding missing pets. It had been close to a whole year. She had no doubt that they were Sparks and immediately dialed the number for the shelter.

The level of joy and vitality that Lisa and her husband experienced increased to the point that they could not believe their eyes. The topic at hand is how to spend time with someone while simultaneously losing interest in them. Sparks was and still is a full-fledged member of the Raulerson family.

When some time had passed, the aging dog was returned to his family. Sparks were flying all throughout the streets when the individuals who aided him found him, as was mentioned by those persons.

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