After her extramarital romance with the rock ‘n’ roller, Billy Joel married Elizabeth Ann Weber, who at the time was already married to another man. The relationship between them was not very satisfying, despite the fact that she handled Joel’s successful profession for a period of time.

Elizabeth Ann Weber, a resident of New York who was born at some point in 1942, was married to Billy Joel and served as his manager. As a result of the musician’s infatuation with her, many of his compositions were influenced by her, and some of those songs went on to become his signature pieces and all-time favorites.

After completing her high school education at a private institution, Weber went on to get a degree from New York University; however, her professional background and qualifications are not known. Weber was already a married woman when she began her relationship with Joel, and she was married to one of his bandmates at the time.

Even though she facilitated his success in the business, Weber appeared primarily focused in his financial well-being, despite the fact that his detractors referred to him as “a force of nature and horrible taste.” After the end of their relationship, Weber has maintained a low profile and the couple did not have any children together.

Several of Billy’s Tracks Have Elizabeth to Thank for Their Inspiration.
Joel’s mental health took a turn for the worst after the first split between the exes, which occurred in the past. He struggled with an addiction to drink and was a heavy smoker, but singing songs was something that brought him comfort. Upon his marriage to Weber in September 1973, Billy Joel wrote the songs “She’s Got a Way” and “She’s Always a Woman” as a dedication to his new wife.

Another song written in Weber’s honor was titled “Just the Way You Are,” and despite the fact that her husband was over over heels in love with her, his friends and family were concerned about the future of their marriage. They used phrases like “controlling,” “manipulative,” and “rude” to characterize Weber.

The Connection Between Elizabeth and Billy Was a Smidgen Over the Top
In 1970, Weber and Joel were introduced to one another by Jon Small, who was at the time the drummer for Joel’s previous band, The Hassles. It is unknown when or for how long Weber was married to Small, nor is it known that they had children together. Almost immediately after their first meeting, she began a love relationship with Joel.

When asked to describe what it was about Weber that drew his attention, Joel said that she was unlike any of the other young ladies he knew at the time, who were often enrolled in Home Economics or culinary programs. She impressed the musician, who was 21 at the time, as a different kind of lady, one who was shrewd and didn’t hold back from saying what she thought.

It didn’t take long until Small found out about their extramarital affair. When he broke up with her, Weber vanished for many weeks and did not communicate with either of her two partners. After that, Joel had suicidal tendencies due to the fact that, in addition to having an ex-girlfriend, he was experiencing financial difficulties.

In addition to this, Joel was a poor musician who was living at home with his mother, which he considered to be a “abject failure.” Because of the way their connection had broken down, he felt an overwhelming sense of isolation. He called Small and apologized over the phone as part of his plan to escape this planet.

Tiny made a hasty dash to get to Joel’s side, and the good news is that the singer pulled through. A few weeks later, he gave it another go at ending his life, and when he was successful for a second time, he checked himself into a mental facility. There, he made the decision to make an attempt at putting his life back together again.

Weber also reappeared, and it wasn’t long until the two of them picked up where they left off with their romance. They chose not to have children, which may have contributed to the success of their working collaboration. Weber was entitled to a management share of Joel’s revenues and held fifty percent of Joel’s net worth due to the fact that Weber was his manager.

In addition, Weber included her brother Frank Weber in the management of Joel’s financial matters and commercial transactions, which caused Joel to feel apprehensive. In his smash album, “The Stranger,” he wrote about the position that he was in. Things failed to improve over time, and in 1982, the couple decided to break their marriage as a result.

Despite this, Joel held out hope that they wouldn’t end up being apart for too long. He was able to grant all of her wishes, including the purchase of a mansion in New York City that cost four million dollars. But, she showed up at the hospital with a contract shortly after he was engaged in a motorbike accident. This occurred not long after the accident occurred. Weber requested that he hand all of his assets over to her so that she could manage them.

Joel reflected on the agonizing moment and may have been making a reference to his feelings for her when he said that Weber’s actions “truly crushed it right then.” When Joel played “Just the Way You Are” for her as a birthday present earlier on in their marriage, she allegedly only uttered one thing to him:

“Would you also publish it under my name?”

In spite of the fact that her brother took Joel’s side throughout the processes for the divorce, Joel would later discover that Frank had stolen approximately $30 million from his salary. In 1989, the artist initiated legal action against Weber’s brother, seeking both the aforementioned sum as well as an extra sixty million dollars in punitive damages.

Elizabeth’s first marriage resulted in the birth of a son.

Weber and her former husband, Jon, were happy to meet Sean Small. The couple did their best to shield their kid from the public eye and protect his privacy; nonetheless, in Billy Joel’s book titled “Billy Joel: The Ultimate Biography,” the child is referenced a few times.

At a certain chapter of the book, it is disclosed that Sean and Joel were both featured on the cover of Turnstiles in the year 1976. As he was nine years old at the time, this places his birth year somewhere between 1966 and 1967. In addition, many other people’s tales throughout the book include him in some capacity.

Elizabeth Has Been Out from the Spotlight for Quite Some Time at This Point.
Since the conclusion of her marriage to Joel, Weber’s life has been cloaked in secrecy. It is unclear whether she maintained her career in the music industry, although she did try her hand at acting at one point. She co-starred with Michael Madsen and Natasha Henstridge in the science fiction horror movie “Species,” which was released in 1998.

She then appeared in a second fantasy horror film, “Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2,” in which she shared screen time with Jeffrey Donovan and Erica Leerhsen. Her most recent film role was in “The Purge: Election Year,” where she appeared in with Frank Gillo and Mykelti Williamson in 2016.

And while though Weber chose to keep her romantic life a secret, her ex-husband continued to give love a shot in his life. Christie Brinkley was Joel’s second wife. After that, he married Katie Lee. Finally, he found happiness with Alexis Roderick, with whom he had three children and became a father to all of them.

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