A dog is said to be man’s best friend, and most dogs believe that man is synonymous with everyone. This is the typical behavior of dogs and an accurate representation of who they are. They will approach you closely and make an effort to become friends with you even if it seems that you are terrified of them. A few tasty morsels will have them groveling at your feet in no time!

Despite the fact that it starts with food, their passion for a person is founded on their confidence in them. It’s comparable to the attachment you develop with your neighbor’s dog when the two of you spend a lot of time together or when you make a point of petting them whenever you go by their property.

Lily is known for being one of the friendliest dogs in the area.

Her owner, Ishaan Chatterjee, considers her to be his closest friend; yet, he was forced to acknowledge the fact that she has other best friends as well. It was hard for him to establish friends with individuals who just wanted to say hello since his pal constantly waved to everyone who passed by.

She would always be ready to give a canvasser or the mailman a wave and a pat whenever she spotted them. It’s unfortunate that not everyone took the time to swing over and see this loving puppy.

One notable exception is the person who takes out the trash.

Lily started to take attention when her family would empty the trash cans on Thursday evenings, and then the following day, a truck would arrive to collect them up. She couldn’t help but wonder whether this man would wind up becoming one of her closest friends.

David, a worker for the local sanitation department, saw her as she waited nearby for the truck to arrive. It seems as if Lily appreciated the gentle head pat that he offered her. It was the first time they got together and became friends.

Since then, David has never been late for any of our gatherings, and he always brings tasty food with him.

Here is how Lily and David spend their time together on a typical Friday morning: David walks downstairs to give Lily a pat and some goodies before he empties the family’s trash and departs, and Lily waits patiently by the gate until the truck comes to a halt near it. Each and every single time!

Ishaan took pleasure in sitting by the window and seeing the two of them as their relationship blossomed into something quite wonderful. He didn’t want to disrupt the precious moments that were happening, so he shot pictures of them instead. He only wanted to demonstrate to others how lovely our relationships can develop with animals.

He posted these movies on TikTok, where they have received a significant number of views.
The first video he published got over 750,000 views, but the succeeding video got over 2 million views! Everyone appreciated and had a great time with these two friends because of the wonderful relationship they had.

Inside the description of one of his films, he included the phrase “I believe it’s the finest part of both of their days.” Both David’s kindness in giving her goodies and Lily’s excitement everytime she spotted the trash truck demonstrate that David is a kind and kind person.

In addition, Ishaan shared with The Dodo that their contact has motivated everyone to treat one another with kindness.
He said that “their relationship has bloomed into the loveliest thing,” meaning that it has become closer and more intimate. Ishaan went on to remark that despite the fact that Lily had always been kind to anybody, he knew that her relationship to David was deeper. He said this despite the fact that Lily had always been pleasant to anyone.

At the same interview, he also said that Lily and David were excellent examples of what it means to be nice and how one should act. It made no difference to Lily who they were or what they did; she treated everyone with kindness. To put it another way, being nice is not hard.

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