On Friday, a dog was discovered in a precarious condition after it had ended up on a motorway in Los Angeles; however, a nurse came to the rescue and saved the day.

It was a frightening situation: the puppy was rushing down the 5 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley, and it was possible that a car might hit it at any moment. Others driving by stopped to offer assistance to the terrified dog, but the dog continued to fight them off and run away from them.

Nevertheless, cardiac nurse Amber Streid took a different approach to the situation.

“My initial idea was to get out of my car and run with the dog, so that she wouldn’t be terrified,” she told FOX 11, but then she opted to wait in her vehicle until the moment was perfect. “My first thought was to jump out of my car and run with the dog, so that she wouldn’t be scared.” The dog continued to run anxiously between the vehicles, but when Amber felt it was the appropriate moment, she opened the door to her car, and the dog hopped straight inside.

The other cars were relieved to see that someone had finally managed to capture the fearful dog that had gotten out. “A man in a white van and a couple of others in a truck began clapping. Another person in a van started applauding. “Everyone was just thrilled that someone was able to get the dog,” Amber told KCAL/KCBS. “Everyone was just pleased that someone was able to receive the dog.”

The incident had taken its toll on the dog, as she seemed to be rather exhausted and was bleeding from injuries sustained to her paws. Amber called her mobile veterinarian, John Winter, and asked him to come check on the dog. Thankfully, he determined that the dog was OK after examining her.

According to the veterinarian who spoke to KCAL, “She’s fortunate to be alive, but she doesn’t appear any worse for the wear.” “Based on how well nourished she seems to be, I have a strong suspicion that she belongs to someone. Someone keeps her as a pet.”

Amber decided to take the puppy under her care and bring her home. Yet, despite the fact that the dog did not have a microchip, she was adamant on returning her to the correct family.

To our great relief, the dog has returned home. According to the most recent report from FOX 11, the dog, whose true name is Beautiful, has been reunited with her owner. According to the owner, the dog became lost when the family was in the process of relocating.

The owner told FOX 11 that “I didn’t believe we were going to see her again until a few nights ago when we watched the video for the first time.” “I didn’t think we were going to see her again until we saw the video for the first time.” “Please convey our gratitude and admiration to Amber and the Streid family for all that they have done.”

The owner expressed his satisfaction that Pretty had been located by the appropriate individual and that his dog had shown complete faith in the nurse’s ability to care for her.

“[Pretty] doesn’t like ladies in general, but she really adores Amber… He went on to say that she had been following her around. “I can’t believe how much it seems like it was intended to happen… I’m simply relieved that it was her.

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