When we look at famous people, we often forget that they aren’t superhumans and that they, just like the rest of us, went through the awkward stages of childhood at one point in their lives. Photos from our youth provide a window into the fashions and practices of a bygone era and tell vivid stories about where we came from and who our ancestors were. These glimpses of young celebrities give us an idea of how they lived and developed in their younger years before they became famous and appeared on the red carpet.

They, too, took part in embarrassing family photos and had images taken for their ugly duckling yearbook when they were going through the gawky stages of puberty, which is quite funny. Some of these now-famous celebrities appear to have discovered the elixir of anti-aging, while others have changed so much that they are almost unrecognizable. More than a hundred of these before-and-after pictures of celebrities have been compiled by us, so there is no shortage of evidence.
It is impossible to deny that just like a good bottle of wine, certain things (and people) actually do get better with age, just like it is impossible to deny that youth comes with its own special beauty that is often captured in awkward photos.

See if you can recognize any of your favorite famous people from before they became famous down below.

By Anna

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