Lisa Marie Presley was one of the most famous children in the world when she was first born on February 1, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. Her parents were the famous singer Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla. On the other hand, however, she died away on January 12, 2023, at the age of 54, after being transported to the emergency hospital at her California home after being discovered unconscious by her family.

Lisa Marie was born precisely nine months after her parents famously tied the knot in their apartment at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. The wedding was quick and took place in their suite. When Elvis Presley passed away in 1977, his daughter Lisa Marie was included as a beneficiary in her father’s last will and testament, alongside her great-grandmother Minnie, as well as her grandpa Vernon. Sadly, Vernon died away in 1979, and Minnie followed suit the following year. As a result, Lisa Marie became the only beneficiary of Elvis’s trust when he passed away. Her inheritance from her father’s fortune, which at the time was worth $100 million, was given to her in 1993.

Since she was Elvis’s only daughter, her four children were the only grandkids he ever had. She was the only child he ever had. During her marriage to ex-husband Danny Keough, Lisa Marie gave birth to actress Riley Keough and her late son Benjamin Keough. During her marriage to ex-husband Michael Lockwood, Lisa Marie gave birth to twins Harper and Finley Lockwood. In addition, she is known for her marriages to renowned musicians Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

Lisa Marie was the only child of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, and she received the Memphis mansion that is more well known as Graceland from her father. Following Lisa Marie’s death, there have been ongoing discussions on who would inherit Graceland. These discussions have resulted in a legal dispute between Lisa Marie’s mother and the sole surviving successor named in her will, the woman’s oldest daughter.

After going into cardiac arrest and requiring treatment at a hospital in Los Angeles, Lisa Marie was declared dead on January 12, 2023, only one day after she was brought to the facility. Her maid discovered her unresponsive in the master bedroom of her home in Calabasas, California. Her ex-husband Danny Keough was there at the incident and provided cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to her before the arrival of emergency medical personnel.

During his appearance on Elvis Radio on Sirius XM, Joel Weinshanker, a Managing Partner at Elvis Presley Enterprises and one of Lisa Marie Presley’s spokesmen, elaborated on the late singer’s intentions before she passed away.

When Elvis Presley went away, he made sure that his daughter received all he had. He did it with the knowledge that she would be the one to carry on his work once he was gone. “I can tell you that she has, without falter, always been the one to look at what was best for Elvis… regardless of what somebody else was trying to do, regardless of what another family member (was trying to) do,” he admitted. “I can tell you that she has, without falter, no matter what else was happening in her life, in her career, always been the one to look at what was best for Elvis.”

After Entertainment Tonight’s acquisition of court records demonstrating Priscilla’s assertion of Lisa Marie’s will, Weinshanker issued his statement shortly thereafter.

According to the records, Priscilla was contesting the legitimacy of the change to the will that removed her from the executor role and put Riley and Benjamin in her place.

According to BBC, Priscilla was contesting the validity of the will and claiming that an amended or updated form of the will had not been handed to her prior to Lisa Marie’s death, as stipulated by the terms of the will. This was a requirement of the will. In addition, Priscilla claimed that her name was even misspelled, and Lisa Marie’s autographs looked to be inconsistent with the way she typically signs her name. Priscilla’s claims were supported by the fact that Lisa Marie’s signatures were inconsistent.

In the same interview with Sirius XM, Weinshanker asserted confidently that Lisa Marie was “very, very quite certain and quite direct about who she wanted to have the legacy (left) to.” Weinshanker was referring to the fact that Lisa Marie was “very, very quite certain and quite direct about who she wanted to have the legacy.”

Priscilla did not let the confirmation by Weinshanker that Lisa Marie intended for her children to inherit Graceland deter her from taking legal action. According to Entertainment Tonight, Priscilla felt sure that the old paperwork relating to Lisa Marie’s will had been falsified. This information comes from Priscilla’s interview.

When Lisa Marie passed away, the source referred to the present scenario between Keough and Priscilla as being extremely “tight and devastating.” This was because of the death of Lisa Marie.

“Priscilla is unwavering in her belief that she is right and that she will emerge victorious from the legal proceedings. According to the site, “Riley and Priscilla are not interacting with one another at this time; however, they have been in touch via their attorneys.”

It is stated that both parties were “gearing up for court,” despite the fact that Keough opted to settle her mother’s satisfied will in private. Both parties were said to have been “gearing up for court.”

In an interview that Weinshanker gave to Sirius XM, he said that he and his wife had always planned for Riley and Ben to take care of Graceland in their old age.

“Riley and Ben were always responsible for it. There was never even a thought in her head that they wouldn’t be the stewards and that they wouldn’t see things from the same perspective as she did. Riley’s life was obviously turned upside down when Ben went away. She had always had an interest in filmmaking and had always known that one day, she would be in control,” Weinshanker noted. While Riley is a movie star, she is also a director who has won an award for her work.

According to the outlet’s additional reporting, Keough was “heartbroken” that the fight had become a public affair since she knew that her mother, who was a very private person, “would never want this.”

Keough has been able to maintain a positive attitude with the help of her daughter and her husband. This is particularly important now since the first episode of her new Amazon Original series, “Daisy Jones & The Six,” is scheduled to air in March of 2023.

In the meanwhile, it was said that Priscilla had “right in her heart” intentions when she challenged her daughter’s trust and will.

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