It has been said that Monty is one of the “most disregarded dogs” in all of England at the shelter where he is being cared for in Edenbridge, England.

Monty has spent most of his eight years with a rescue organization, which accounts for seven of those years. The volunteers and staff members at Opportunity Pet Rescue are at a loss to comprehend why Monty has not yet found a home that will be his forever family.

The first year of Monty’s life was spent entirely inside the confines of a confined space. Because of the ineffective treatment and forgetting that he had had at such a young age, by the time he came to the rescue organization, he was stooped over and had trust difficulties. Moreover, he was slumped over. Sadly, there is not much interest shown in adopting Monty from possible homes. “Poor Monty has a bent back, which the veterinarians believe was caused by his prior owners keeping him confined for a lengthy amount of time in a box that was too small for him. Because of this, he does have trust issues, and he would unquestionably benefit from having someone in his life who could “help teach him that not everyone misbehaves,” as the description of him on his fostering profile indicates.

While in the past Monty did not quadrate the other animals, he does take great pleasure in being the center of attention and sharing hugs and kisses with the staff at the rescue. Instead, he growled at them as he was approaching them. Because to the fact he went to the shelter, he is now able to confidently stroll by them without barking. In point of fact, Monty only wants one loving owner; he does not want to share and may get quite jealous, which can lead to him becoming unfriendly. He does not want to be owned by anyone else. He is not good with any kind of animals and will bark and also pull towards them. He also has to have a muzzle on him while he is in public places. Sadly, he becomes so disturbed that he may hit your legs while attempting to reach other dogs, so his next owner will need to be rather strong to handle him. Nevertheless, after coming to Last Chance Monty is now able to walk smoothly with a dog in sight and also not bark or attack your legs, although this will undoubtedly take some time for him to do in his new home.

It is likely that Monty will flourish the most in a home where there are no other dogs as pets and where there is a person who can continue his training. He is an active dog that enjoys running and chasing tennis balls, but he does not bring them back. He does not bring them back because he does not bring them back. Since Monty is not an especially easy pet dog, we have kept him with us for a long time. But, we are working hard to find someone who will take him in despite the fact that he is a bit of a rogue and will love him for who he is. To recap, we are looking for a home that is solely inhabited by adults, is a bachelor’s apartment, has no other pets, a great deal of perseverance and love, a yard, and also tennis courts. Someone that lives not too far away from us would be perfect (unless you like lengthy and also continuous trips) since there would definitely be a need for a great lot of pre-fostering visits during which he would certainly be hung out with. If you believe that you may be able to serve as Monty’s “human,” please give us a call; we would be delighted to speak with you. Please tell your family, friends, and anyone else you know via social media about Monty and his story. We have in fact assisted pet canines with a lot more challenging challenges to find the homes of their desires– we know that Monty’s brand-new home is about somewhere and have been waiting on this gorgeous puppy. Reference found at:

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