Recently, in the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a good Samaritan was making their way through an apartment complex’s parking lot when they came across an odd sight: a cardboard box that had been left abandoned on the ground. When the passerby peered inside, they almost couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what was there.

A sickly-looking orange and white cat lay all by itself inside the box.

When animal control officers arrived, they could tell that the little cat was relieved to see them because of the expression of gratitude on its face. The cat started making loud purring noises and making biscuits as soon as they picked her up and put her in a carrier. It was almost as if she realized that she was finally safe.

The police officers brought the cat to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, where the employees gave her the name Mango Chutney and published a post on Facebook telling the story of how she came to be there.

According to what was written in the post by the humane society, “This little creamsicle cat was found abandoned in a box.”

At first, Mango was apprehensive about being in a new environment. However, after some time for her to adjust, the little cat showed a kinder and gentler side of herself.

Cody Costra, the public relations manager at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, told The Dodo that “She would reach through the kennel bars and chirp to greet people walking by and get their attention.” “She enjoys playing with her puzzle treat toy, but Mango Chutney’s absolute favorite thing in the entire world is when you scratch her head and neck and lean in close to make sure you hit just the right spot,” you say.

The employees at the humane society estimated that Mango Chutney was approximately 8 years old. They were thankful to have been a part of an older cat’s recovery journey, despite their sadness over the fact that she had been abandoned to fend for herself.

According to what was written in the post by the humane society, “We don’t know how she ended up in that box, but we do know that she was so grateful for our help.”

Mango was prepared to find her forever family once she had recovered from her illness, which she had contracted while she was living on her own and had been treated for by a veterinarian.

It was only a matter of time before she was noticed by someone and they fell in love with her. Mango Chutney was going to leave the box she had been living in and move into her very own home at last.

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