A young dog in Romania that was starving looked for food on the side of the road when it was raining not too long ago. Wet and afraid, the pup rummaged for anything to feed his tummy.

As luck would have it, a kind stranger happened to walk by at just the perfect moment. When she saw the little puppy, she immediately realized that she needed to assist.

According to June Chapman, a representative for 1 Dog At A Time Rescue, who talked to The Dodo about the incident, “Denisa, our amazing vet, was traveling back after visiting relatives.” “She stopped to feed the strays on her way back home, as she always is doing, and saw a meek little pup so tiny and thin she could see he was in desperate need of care and his life was in danger from the speeding cars.” 

The worried veterinarian stepped out of her vehicle to see whether or not she could assist the dog. Denisa was able to convince him to place his face in her hands by using a delicate persuasion technique. At first, he was hesitant. Toby was her choice for the puppy’s moniker.

“Thank goodness, Little Toby is now secure in the clinic with our veterinarian Denisa, where he will get all of the care and treatment that he needs,” Chapman added. Foster care will be provided for him until he is at an age when he may go to the United Kingdom on his own.

Toby, who is thought to be between one and two months old, will find a home and a family in the not-too-distant future. For the time being, he won’t have to be concerned about having to go out in the wet and look for scraps ever again.

By Anna

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