Eden has never been anything but a lovely soul. She was a stray dog at the time, and if a good Samaritan came by to give her some food while she was resting beneath a tree, she would always welcome them with a gentle wag of her tail.

She can’t help but extend her paw through the bars of her cage to shake hands with anybody who passes by as she waits for a permanent place to call home at an animal hospital.

When the person who was going to save Eden arrived, she could tell that the dog had been living under the tree in Southern California for a very long time. Suzette Hall, the founder of the dog rescue organization Logan’s Legacy, is unsure of exactly what caused Eden to start living under the tree in Southern California.

According to what Hall told The Dodo, “she remained beneath that tree for weeks and weeks.” “She refused to go anywhere.”

Others paid Eden a visit and left food for her under the tree, but no one came to her aid when she was in danger. Hence, as soon as Hall became aware of a lovable puppy that was looking for a new home, she did not waste any time in snatching her up.

When Eden first caught sight of Hall, she couldn’t help but perk up.

“She was aware that she was receiving assistance,” Hall added. “She realized it was high time for her to get out from beneath the tree,”

Eden had a much-needed wash thanks to her new pals that she met at the veterinarian’s office, which Hall accompanied her to. The group of people quickly noticed that the dog suffered from a terrible skin ailment and was dangerously underweight. As soon as they made this discovery, they immediately started treating the dog. Her character began to develop rapidly within a short period of time.

According to Hall, “She is the kindest dog you could ever hope to meet.” “She’s nothing more than a lover.”

Eden was given her own kennel by the medical staff so that she may recuperate in peace there. At first, Eden devoted most of her time to lounging around on her bed in a fetal position. Nevertheless, one day, someone at the hospital passed by her cage and saw a single grey and white paw protruding through the bars of the kennel.

They took hold of Eden’s paw and gently rubbed it in an affectionate manner.

Hall said that “all she wants to do is hold our hand.” “When she’s holding your hand, she’ll let out the cutest little scream you’ve ever heard, as if to tell you, ‘I love you,'”

Ever since that precise second, Eden has been extending her paw to greet everybody and everyone who passes by. After her visit to the veterinarian, the adorable dog has been given numerous handshakes, but she is still looking for that one person with whom she can have a really meaningful bond.

According to what Hall had to say, “we are working on putting her into a permanent home.” “She is the one who has earned it more than anybody else.”

Due to the fact that Eden spent a significant portion of her life outdoors, she does not feel the greatest level of comfort when she is among other dogs. The dog’s coworkers at the hospital are assisting her in overcoming her anxiety by bringing her on walks with dog trainers, but it is going to take a great deal of effort for the puppy to develop a greater sense of self-assurance. Thus, Hall is searching for a permanent home for Eden in which she would be the sole canine resident.

Even though it is taking longer to find the ideal family for her, Hall is certain that the appropriate family will soon fall head over heels for Eden. Even though it is taking longer to locate the ideal family for her, The person who came to the rescue believes it is difficult not to help.

Hall said that everyone she met fell in love with her. The phrase “she’s simply a cuddler and a real darling” perfectly describes her.

For the time being, Eden is going to continue shaking hands with each patient at the animal hospital in order to share the love. It’s possible that some people may claim she’s trying to get people’s attention, but Hall thinks she’s trying to communicate something different.

Hall said that it seemed as if she was expressing gratitude to all of those around her. “I am grateful that you took the time to notice me.

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