Before she became famous, Salma Hayek lived a rather low-key existence in her home country of Mexico, despite the fact that she is now widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and successful actors in the world. Hayek’s dedication to the skill of acting, which she began cultivating at the age of 18, finally catapulted her into the upper echelons of the industry.

Despite the fact that she is at the top of her field, she still makes time to speak for issues that are important to her. She is well known for her efforts to end violence against women in the home, as well as for her activism on behalf of immigrants and her charitable work with underprivileged children in Mexico.

Hayek, who is now in her 50s and looks much different than she did when she was younger, but still every bit as attractive as she was when she was younger. Hayek is widely regarded as being one of the most beautiful actresses now working in Hollywood. The actress, who is now 56 years old, maintains an astounding level of physical fitness.

The audacious roles that Hayek played on screen transcended the manner that she presented herself to the paparazzi on several occasions during her career. Not only is Hayek a successful actress, but she is also regarded as a fashion icon and is known for setting her own trends.

Her jaw-dropping good looks and toned body have made Hayek a force to be reckoned with on the red carpet at premieres and other high-profile events. She has been dressed by some of the most well-known luxury brands and apparel lines in the world.

It is for this reason that it has been of the utmost significance for her to preserve her attractiveness and young appearance at this stage in her life. In a recent video for British GQ, the actress from “Magic Mike” revealed her ultimate skincare secret, which made perfect sense given that she still looks stunningly lovely and a significant amount of years younger than her real age.

Continue reading to find out more about the skincare regimen that she follows that has made her look stunning and as radiant as she has ever been.

Several different forms of media agree that Hayek is one of the most attractive faces in the entertainment industry. In 1996, 2003, and 2008, People magazine ranked her as one of the 50 most attractive persons in the world. She was even featured on those lists three times.

The fact that the actress in “Eternals” is already getting close to 60 years old would come as a surprise to many people. This is due to the fact that the celebrity has been able to keep their youthful appearance and stunning body throughout the course of their career.

In the year 2020, Hayek shared on Instagram a photo of herself with her hair blowing in the wind. The post on social media, which was deceptively simple but nevertheless stunning, received more than 400,000 likes and several comments.

Nonetheless, Hayek felt compelled to reply to the statement made by one of her fans.

“Too much Botox :(. Not needed Salma!,” the individual replied.

Hayek had an iconic reaction.

“I don’t have Botox But thank you for the suggestion because I was thinking maybe it’s time,” the actress answered.

Several Instagram users commented on the actress’s natural attractiveness and thanked her for it.

“Gorgeous. Whoa, you don’t even look your age! “Forever 21!” one individual yelled in their post.

Someone another said, “u don’t need anything. you’re naturally gorgeous. I am taking your reaction to him as a clap back and I’m lovin’ it.” I am taking your response to him as a clap back.

While she is not working, she wears just little makeup to preserve her appearance.

“When I go out during the day, the only makeup I wear is a little dusting of foundation and a dab of lipstick on each cheek. According to what she told The New York Times, “of course I have to get all dolled up for work and for publicity.”

The celebrity is working hard to preserve her natural beauty while still accepting the natural process of aging. She acknowledged that she had gray hair but said that it doesn’t affect her in the least.

Hayek has said that she is not interested in undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery, although she is open to consuming a limited range of foods.

“No one is going to benefit from the guidance I provide. She said, “I eat too much of the wrong foods, and then I put myself on a diet.”

On the other hand, in 2017, the actress disclosed to The New York Times that despite her best efforts, she was unable to give up eating meat and that she eventually decided that a vegetarian lifestyle was not for her.

In spite of this obstacle, Hayek has not wavered in her commitment to maintaining the healthiest possible condition for her skin. A new video published by British GQ Magazine has the actress, who has won many awards, discussing her skincare regimen.

In response to queries sent to her on Twitter, Hayek was praised for how wonderful she looked despite being in her 50s and asked about her beauty regimen.

“What? I’m 41!” she laughed.

“I should never wash my face first thing in the morning, my grandma instilled in me,” Guys, don’t be grossed off by that. Throughout the night, your skin creates all of the oils it needs to maintain its young appearance, and this process occurs naturally. It is able to renew. So, it is important to thoroughly cleanse your skin before bed, but you should avoid doing so first thing in the morning.

Hayek has already provided advice to the effect that one should avoid washing their face first thing in the morning on many occasions.

“When I get up in the morning, I don’t use soap or a cleanser to wash my face. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she said that her skincare routine consists of “dotting on some rose water,” followed by moisturizer, and that she never uses sunscreen unless she is going to be exposed to the sun.

Dr. Orit Markowitz, the founder of OptiSkin and a board-certified dermatologist, recommends that people avoid using a cleanser on their faces in the morning if they cleansed their faces at night.

“If you go immediately to bed after washing your face, it is not getting into touch with anything that really needs to be cleaned off,” she told Byrdie. “It is not coming into contact with anything that truly needs to be washed off.”

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