Isabella Rossellini’s siblings have lived rather distinct lifestyles. Although she is an actress, novelist, philanthropist, and model, her siblings on both her mother’s and father’s sides have pursued a variety of careers in the entertainment business. Among them are some of the most successful people in the world.

Isabella Rossellini and her siblings became famous people themselves because their parents were famous. Her father was the Italian film director, producer, and screenwriter Roberto Rossellini, who is noted for his work on films such as “Rome, Open City,” “Travel to Italy,” and “The Messiah,” amongst others.

Her mother was the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, who was famous for her work in films such as “Murder on the Orient Express,” “Gaslight,” “Joan of Lorraine,” and “The Turn of the Screw,” amongst others.

Isabella’s brother was born as a consequence of an affair that took place between her parents while Isabella’s mother was still married. This affair led to the scandalous birth of Isabella’s brother.

In spite of this, her parents eventually tied the knot, but their marriage was short-lived and ended in dissolution after just seven years. Due to the fact that her parents got a divorce, she was forced to stay with her siblings at a hotel in Rome.

Isabella has half-siblings on both her mother’s and father’s side, in addition to the full siblings she already has. She has an elder sister named Pia Lindstrom who comes from her mother’s side of the family, in addition to an older brother and a younger sister who come from her father’s side.

An Argument Occurred Between Isabella Rossellini and Her Twin Sister

Isabella has a sibling who shares her name. Her identical twin is known as Isotta Ingrid Rossellini, and the two of them were born in Rome on June 18th, 1952. On the other hand, Isotta is one hour and 34 minutes older than her sister.

Isotta is well-known for her work as a set designer, and some of her most notable credits include “Kill Gil Volume 1,” “Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words,” and “Kort mote med familjen Rossellini.”

After earning her PhD, she began teaching at Columbia University, where she specialized in the study of Italian Renaissance literature and also served as a professor. In addition to that, she has taught at the institutions of New York University, Princeton, and Harvard.

Isotta and Alberto Acciarito were married for a total of three years until the latter filed for divorce. She wed Richard Aborn on May 27th, 1990, and the couple went on to have two children together.

In 2018, she was a resident of New York City and was working as a writer. Her book is titled “Know Thyself: Western Identity From Classical Greece to the Renaissance.”

At the celebration of their father’s 100th birth anniversary in 2006, Isabella and Isotta had a disagreement with one another. The argument began as a result of Isabella’s selection of a movie to remember their father.

Isotta was of the opinion that the 17-minute avant-garde video that was made by her twin sister was both horrible and inappropriate since it had nothing to do with their father. She said that she was mortified and insulted by her sister’s behavior toward their deceased parent. It had really affected her.

Despite this, the sisters’ bond has been successfully repaired as a result of recent time spent together. On February 2, 2023, Isabella shared a photograph on Instagram showing herself and her siblings celebrating their mother’s birthday after she had passed away. In the photo, Isabella was holding a cake.

After two days, she uploaded a second image to her Instagram account, in which it was revealed that they had attended Arturo Brachetti’s concert together, along with her friend, her nephew, and her niece.

A Time Spent on an Island in Sweden Was Spent by Isabella Rossellini’s Brother
Robin is Isabella’s brother, whose birth was the source of much controversy. A previous person’s impression of him was that he was “a lovely, self-centered, sardonic, and secretive guy.”

After the dissolution of his parents’ marriage, he and his sisters moved home with their mother on the Swedish island of Dannholmen, which is privately owned. When he retired, he became involved in the real estate industry and lived a quiet life behind the scenes.

Even though he has led a rather quiet existence, the fact that he has been romantically involved with notable ladies such as Princess Caroline of Monaco has sometimes caused his name to surface in the media.

In the year 2020, Robin offered his thoughts on the documentary film “The Rossellinis,” which was made by his nephew Alessandro Rossellini. He made the observation that he was immune to the fixation that others had on his father. He said:

“My opinion is that this iconic figure of my father does not do him justice since it creates a pompous and very unattractive picture of him. I feel this to be the case. In point of fact, he was the complete antithesis of that.”

Robin was under the impression that his father would have despised anybody who considered him to be more capable than others and referred to him as a “master,” “excellent,” or even dubbed him a “genius.”

In addition to Isabella, Pia, Isabella’s Half-Sister, Works in the Entertainment Business.
Isabella has a sister named Pia Lindstrom who is her cousin on her mother’s side. Pia was born as a result of Ingrid Bergman’s marriage to Petter Lindstrom. On September 20th, 1938, Pia was born in Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden.

She was born in California and has also called Pittsburg and Salt Lake City home over her life. She relocated to live with her siblings in France and Italy after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mills College, and then she attended graduate school at New York University.

Prior to beginning a career in journalism, Pia tried her hand at acting under the guise of her mother. She began her career as a journalist and has since worked for a variety of media outlets like WCBC-TV, WNBC-TV, KGO-TV, and others. Moreover, she is the presenter of “Pia Lindstrom Presents” on Pia Lindstrom Presents on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

What there is to know about Isabella’s Brothers and Sisters from Her Mother’s Side
Prior to marrying Isabella’s mother, Isabella’s father had been previously married several times. Isabella’s mother was also said to have had an affair with actor and director Gregory Peck.

Her mother’s mother was a set and costume designer named Marcella de Marchis, and the couple had a son named Renzo during their marriage. After the dissolution of his marriage to her mother, he wed the Indian scriptwriter Sonali Senroy DasGupta and became the legal guardian of her son Gil.

Later on, he and his new wife became parents to Isabella’s younger sister, Raffaella, who had previously been known as Nur but subsequently changed her name after converting to Islam.

Tragically, Isabella’s elder brother passed away while he was still a little kid. Marco, her brother, had the same mother as Renzo, who was her son. Renzo was born on August 24, 1941, and he went on to become a filmmaker and producer.

At the age of 16, he began working for his father in the film industry, first as an assistant director and then as a producer. Later on in his career, he decided to pursue a career in education and has since since taught production as well as film directing in Cuba, Rome, and Santo Domingo.

Isabella’s sister Nur relocated to Doha after getting married to a Qatari doctor. She had a successful career as a dancer and choreographer before she got married and converted to Islam.

Gil, who was adopted by Isabella’s family, was a successful independent producer, writer, and director. While he was born in Bombay, he spent the most of his childhood in Rome before going to New York.

Before launching his own production firm with offices in New York, Rome, and New Delhi, Gil worked as a production assistant on “The King of Comedy” and “Once Once a Time in America.” Both of these films were produced in the United States.

Tragically, he passed away on October 3, 2008, at the age of 51, after struggling with the symptoms of staphylococcus bacteria for over four years. His 52nd birthday was just over three weeks away at the time of his death.

Isabella has maintained a tight connection with her siblings despite the fact that she comes from a huge family with several moms. She and her siblings have often taken turns being the center of attention.

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