Meet Terri! She has lost 80 pounds and gone from plus size 20 jeans to a size 7 in juniors thanks to the keto diet, which she has been following for the last three and a half years.

The question is, what caused Terri to finally take action?

“I have never been the kind of person to put myself first; instead, I have always placed others’ needs before my own. I had a lot of years of miserableness. coping with feelings of sadness, constant madness, lack of vitality, and acute anxiety. I struggled with a wide variety of health problems. Constant bloating, heartburn on a daily basis, elevated cholesterol, and fatty liver are only a few of the symptoms of acid reflux disease. I couldn’t move around the house or even bend over to tie my shoes without feeling out of breath. I couldn’t even tie my shoes. If I didn’t start taking better care of myself, I knew my life would become progressively shorter until it ended.

I had traveled out of town with a few buddies in order to attend a party. One evening, after I had had more than my share of alcohol, I made the decision to test my skills on the mechanical bull. It goes without saying that I survived three rounds until I was pushed off the mat and became trapped underneath it. Because of how heavy I was, I was unable to extricate myself. My friends came over and helped me out of the situation by lending a hand. Since I was unable to bend over, my boyfriend had to put my shoes back on for me because I was unable to do it myself. After two days, one of my pals emailed me a picture of me sitting on that bull, and I immediately started crying. I could not believe how awful I seemed to other people. That photograph was the impetus for me to begin my adventure. At that time, I was aware that I needed to center my attention on myself and begin prioritizing my needs.

This was not her first effort to make adjustments to the way that she ate. Since she was 12 years old, she had attempted a variety of different eating plans. Until she started the ketogenic diet, nothing ever seemed to really stick for her.

“After registering on Instagram, I was able to discover the Keto Community. I became very enthusiastic about the keto diet after doing a lot of research on it, accumulating information over a period of days, creating shopping lists, and planning meals. I have started publishing updates on both my diet and my weight reduction. And to my astonishment, I had already dropped 6 pounds in the first week of the diet. My stomach was starting to feel better, and I had a lot of energy. I know it seems absurd that anything like that could take place in a week, but it happened. Along the road, I’ve had numerous different stalls, including one that lasted for a whole year. I wasn’t in a hurry to get my weight under control. I was aware that it was just a matter of time. Even incremental advancement is still developing, and over time, all of those little figures will add up to something significant.

My pillar of support has been the Keto community. I’ve met so many fantastic folks. Incredible support, encouragement, and inspiration are what keep me going, and I am so grateful for all of it.

Her accomplishments are not limited to just losing weight.

“This is the happiest I’ve been in the last twenty or more years. I’m in my 50s, yet I feel and look much younger than I did when I was in my 40s. My skin is radiant and fresh. I no longer have that lethargic feeling, and I even have some energy. My test scores have never been better.”

Amazing individuals like Terri are a tremendous source of motivation for us. She has changed her life by making decisions with a long-term perspective and by working hard each and every day.

“A word to the wise: Make sure you do your homework, whether it be on the internet, on Instagram, in books, etc. Practice patience while being consistent. Never compare your loss to that of another person since we all experience it at a different paces. Treat yourself on a regular basis and establish some long-term objectives. Just start with the basics and build on your success as you go.

You may follow the ketogenic diet in whichever manner you see fit, whether it is clean, unclean, or sluggish. We all keto in our own unique ways, and there is no one technique that is superior to another. Discover what works best for you, and then stay with that.

By Anna

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