Due to a unique illness that caused her to quickly age, she had the appearance of an elderly woman who was in her sixties, despite the fact that she is only a young adolescent.

Since the illness, her life was gradually falling apart; for example, she had to drop out of school because she was continuously harassed by bullies.

However, Xiao’s life finally took a turn for the better early this year when leading cosmetic surgeons from Sunline Plastic Surgery Hospital in Shenyang, which is located in the northeastern part of China, gave the little girl the face that she had always dreamt of having.

She was able to finance the mind-boggling $56,000 procedure thanks to the generosity of complete strangers who contributed to her crowd-funding campaign.

When she eventually presented her new look on January 20, she did it onstage in her own house, stunning the audience in attendance.

Xiao expressed his gratitude to everyone who had assisted her. I would want to express my gratitude to Mr. Guo and the rest of the team at the hospital for providing me with a fresh start.

“If angels really do exist, they are the nurses at Sunline hospital; if there truly are Buddhas, they would look like Director Shi and the specialists who have given me a new life.” “If there really are Buddhas, they would look like Director Shi and the specialists who have given me a new life.”

As a kid, Xiao, who was originally from the county of Heishan in Liaoning, was informed that she had a hereditary condition known as Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome.

The illness, which she inherited from her mother, is characterized by symptoms that are similar to those of premature aging, and there is no recognized treatment for it at this time.

Because of the stigma associated with Xiao’s illness, she was unable to continue her education despite the fact that she had otherwise ambitious goals.

She sent an emotional letter to a Chinese philanthropist named Guo Mingyi, who is 61 years old, begging for assistance while describing herself as appearing like a “grandmother” who is 60 years old.

Sunline Plastic Surgery Hospital made the announcement that it would be completing Xiao’s surgeries and would be waiving 70 percent of her £56,000 price after many weeks of talks and fundraising drives on her behalf.

The remaining thirty percent was contributed by Mr. Guo’s non-governmental organization (NGO), which ran a successful online fundraising effort in order to cover the costs of the procedure.

Xiao was admitted to the hospital for a week, and on the following day, December 29, she had a three-part cosmetic procedure that began at 8.30 in the morning and lasted for a total of eight hours.

According to the information provided by the privately operated hospital, a group of medical professionals first eliminated her wrinkles before rebuilding her nose and lips.

The director of the hospital, Shi Lingzhi, had this to say about the preceding sequence of treatments: “We have performed a great number of procedures for the treatment of normal wrinkles, and the majority of the stages that she will go through are standard.

“The most notable difference, though, is seen in her skin, which is very lax and devoid of elasticity.

We will have to transplant skin from other regions of her body, such as the outside of her thigh, onto her face. This procedure is necessary.

On stage with her sobbing parents, Xiao was seen for the first time three weeks after her operation, and her face had been radically altered by the procedure.

The young woman, who said that she was “nervous” before the procedure because she was concerned that it might hurt, is now unrecognizable when compared to photographs of her previous self.

Xiao’s mother, who also suffers from the ailment, expressed the following sentiments on her daughter’s disorder: “People who have never experienced anything like this kind of mental strain would never be able to comprehend it.

“I, too, had the wish to be beautiful someday, but I was unable to make that wish come true.

“Now that she has been presented with this opportunity, my daughter is not only assisting me in realizing my dreams, but she is also realizing her own.”

Director Shi said that in order to further perfect her new look, Xiao will return to the clinic for further procedures in the near future.

The hospital has also revealed, in an unexpected statement, that it would assist treat Xiao’s mother and will follow a similar model by waiving a part of her medical fees in order to do so.

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