Rachel Weisz, who has won several awards for her acting, has every right to brag proudly about her renowned husband, Daniel Craig, who is well remembered for his iconic portrayal as James Bond. On the other hand, the actress would rather keep her connection with his world-famous partner out of the public eye than have it become public knowledge.

Weisz and Craig are two of the most famous actors in Hollywood who are famously quiet. They would much rather avoid the spotlight and interviews that do not pertain to their profession than participate in them.

The first time the actress and Craig crossed paths was in 1994, when they were both performing on the London stage while they were both engaged in relationships with other individuals. It wasn’t until 2010 that Weisz and Craig began dating in secret, at which point he was already performing the part of Agent 007.

The two were acting as a married couple on the set of “Dream House,” which they were shooting. Ehren Kruger, the film’s producer, was under the impression that one of the reasons Weisz and Craig fell in love was because of their respective parts in the movie.

After dating for a total of six months, the couple decided to be married in a very low-key ceremony in New York City, with just a few close friends present as witnesses. Also present at the wedding were Ella, Craig’s daughter from his previous marriage to Fiona Loudon, and Henry, Weisz’s son from her previous relationship with Darren Aronofsky.

Despite the fact that they often attended events with red carpets and openly supported one other’s endeavors, the couple has been successful in keeping their romantic connection hidden from the public. Neither of the actors has a presence on any social media platforms.

Weisz, on the other hand, provided an extremely rare look into her relationship when she said in an interview in 2018 that she had never expected that she would be married since it was not something that she desired to do. She dropped hints that the decision to be married to Craig occurred at a joyful and “mature period” in their relationship.

In 2015, Weisz revealed that she is extremely protective of her marriage to the Bond superstar precisely because he is “too famous.” She said that she made this admission in an interview.

“When you’re younger, you share everything with your closest girlfriends. One of the many advantages of no longer being a teenager is the freedom from having to split things with other people.”

Weisz said that after a person gets married, the conversation about relationships must stop because “the audience departs, and you’re in your own life.” She claimed this to further support her previous statement.

On the other hand, she takes great pride in being addressed as Mrs. Craig and uses her marital name whenever she signs formal papers such as cheques and passports. She confessed in 2015 on “The Graham Norton Show” that she has and uses a certain automobile screen visor that has the words “Mrs. Daniel Craig” inscribed on it. She also said that she utilizes it.

After being married for seven years, Weisz and Craig were finally able to have a family with the birth of their first child, a girl whom they called Grace. According to comments made by the couple’s friends to People magazine, taking this step was a logical progression for the pair, who had expressed a desire to expand their family.

Three months after giving birth, Weisz went on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and revealed that their daughter looked a lot like Craig. Craig is the father of the couple’s daughter. The actor, who was 51 years old when Grace was born, openly revealed to Us Weekly that he is a tired father as a result of the infant keeping him up at night and preventing him from getting any sleep.

The actress also discussed how typical their married life is and how, even though they do things together like go out on dates like viewing movies or plays, they both prefer to be at home. She said that although they do go out on dates, they both prefer to be at home. In addition to his acting ability, rumor has it that Craig is pretty skilled in the cooking. He is said to be able to whip up a storm in the kitchen without using a recipe since he is quite creative with the ingredients.

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