Henry McGauley, the proprietor of a pet store in Louth, Ireland, was startled one day when he heard strange squawking sounds coming from his backyard.

Imagine his surprise when, after climbing a ladder to investigate the cause of the ruckus, he saw four freshly born kittens sitting quietly in a pigeon’s nest all by themselves.

After a few hours had passed, Fiona finally made it back to her house, where she saw the mother cat tending to her young. “We left them there because there’s not much you can do, they have to be at least six weeks old before they can be taken away from their mother,” Fiona, who feeds stray cats at her back door on a regular basis, explained to ABC news. “They have to be at least six weeks old before they can be taken away from their mother.”

“As it turned out, we were familiar with the cat,” she went on to say. We used to run across her rather often in the passageway behind the building. She was expecting a child at the time, and she had been reported missing on many occasions. After a few weeks have passed, the mother cat will most likely bring the kittens to the back door so that they may be fed. When they are older, we will take them in, train them, and then find them homes where they may stay permanently.”

After many hours of severe rain, the couple said that their white and ginger cat had moved her litter to a secure location, most likely the shed in the backyard garden. Many of the customers who frequent the pet store have indicated that they are interested in adopting the kittens once they reach the appropriate age.

It would seem that a bright future is ahead for this adorable cat and her four kittens, who found an unusual spot to feed their young.

By Elen

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