After America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry publicly shamed Melanie Lynskey for her body, Melanie Lynskey’s husband Jason Ritter has spoken out in her defense.

On Wednesday, Ritter posted a tweet in which she gave a veiled response to statements made by Curry, who was the winner of the first season of America’s Next Top Model in 2003. His post was written in response to Curry’s assertion that Lynskey’s figure wasn’t appropriate for the role she plays in The Last of Us, in which she plays a commander who is responsible for helping to seize control of a military group in a post-apocalyptic world.

The television personality’s comments sparked a firestorm of criticism on Twitter, with users accusing her of using body shaming language toward Lynskey.

Despite the fact that Ritter did not identify the former model by name, he did bring attention to the criticism that she has received as a result of her comments.

You could have avoided the controversy by simply not tweeting about it. However, you did it, and now many people are upset because of what you said,” the actor, who is 42 years old, wrote.

After that, he proceeded to give Curry some advice in a sarcastic manner by writing: “Whatever happens now, DO NOT LEARN ANYTHING FROM THIS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!! Dig your heels in deeper, and double down! BECOME the one who is wronged! You are Capable of Doing This! I believe in you!!”

As of the 9th of February, the tweets of Ritter have received more than 536,000 views, and users of Twitter have commended him for defending his wife.

One person praised Jason by saying, “You are a wonderful partner and husband.”

Another supporter chimed in and said, “Everyone ought to have someone like you in their corner.” “I am blown away by you. Many thanks for illuminating for us the qualities that constitute an ideal life companion!

Curry began by criticizing Lynskey’s character and making the suggestion that she needed to be a certain size in order to star in the post-apocalyptic show in the tweet that she has since deleted.

“Her body betrays her as someone who has lived a life of luxury, not as a post-apocalyptic warlord. When it comes to meeting your needs, where is Linda Hamilton? she had written.

A picture of the Yellowjackets star from a photoshoot with InStyle was also included in Curry’s tweet. In the picture, she is seen posing in a brown gown with sparkly embellishments and a cape with a variety of colors.

In her response to Curry, Lynskey defended both herself and the character she plays in The Last of Us by writing the following: “Firstly- this is a photo from my cover shoot for InStyle magazine. It is not a still from HBO’s The Last of Us.” And I’m taking on the role of someone who meticulously planned and carried out an uprising against FEDRA. It is expected of me to have a high IQ, ma’am. Being musclé is not necessary for me. Henchmen are employed specifically for this purpose.

Later, Curry responded to Lynskey’s tweet and accused the actor of making changes to her initial post. In her response, she wrote: “She edited out my tweet where I said she had a perfect hourglass frame that I did not associate with warriors.” Lynskey was accused of making the changes. It baffles the mind when actors treat criticism of their characters as if it were a personal attack.

In two more tweets, Curry elaborated on the fact that although she believes Lynskey’s “body is perfect,” she does not consider it to be “warlord perfect.” In addition to this, she asserted that the star’s character did not belong in a post-apocalyptic setting due to the fact that the character possessed a “soft voice, small stature, and curvy frame.” The star of “Don’t Look Up” has not yet responded to the follow-up tweets that Curry has posted.

Lynskey’s husband has been very supportive of his wife on various social media platforms over the course of their marriage. In January of 2022, Lynskey posted a tweet in which she discussed the “egregious” comments that she has received as an actor regarding her body. The following day, Ritter retweeted the post and made a statement condemning the practice of body shaming.

“If anyone has any further unsolicited comments about the body of *anyone else*, they can feel free to write them in permanent ink onto their own foreheads and then swan dive directly into the sun,” he wrote in the letter. “If anyone has any further unsolicited comments about the body of *anyone else*, they can feel free to write them.”

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