Chris Evert’s children are a source of tremendous pride and delight for the tennis great, who flaunts them by making them her date as much as she can. Chris Evert’s children are a source of great pride and joy for Chris Evert. When she divorced their father and married a family acquaintance, she broke their hearts, and she regrets doing so.

When they were in high school, Chris Evert’s boys all played tennis under her instruction. In spite of the fact that the family often had competitive matches on the tennis court in their backyard, the only athletic equipment that could be found in the house were rackets.

Skateboarders now have access to a half pipe thanks to the modifications made to the garage. She no longer seeks the excitement that competing provides; rather, she would rather to spend time on a trek with the three boys she most values in her life.

Chris Evert’s marriage to Andy Mill resulted in the birth of three sons.

After Chris’s divorce from John Lloyd in 1987, her parents were very disappointed, but despite this, Chris accepted an invitation to Aspen that had been extended to her by Martina Navratilova. She had the opportunity to speak with Olympic skier Andy Mill when she attended a party held on New Year’s Eve at the renowned ski destination.

They started off the new year by spending the day on the slopes, skiing while holding hands with one another. The newlyweds said their vows to one another in July of 1988. The active couple decided to tailor their lives to match each other’s active pursuits by dividing their time between Aspen, Colorado, and Boca Raton, Florida.

In 1991, they had their first child, Alexander “Alex” Mill. Two years later, in 1994, they welcomed their second child, Nicholas “Nicky” Mill. Colton Mill, their third son, was born to them in 1996, bringing their total number of children to five.

The tennis great had a strict upbringing; the black-and-white structure of the Evert home did not allow for any gray areas to exist throughout her formative years. She went on to discuss the method that she used while dealing with the offspring:

“I heeded their advice and gave in to their attempts to persuade me to extend their bedtime by one additional hour. I might have certainly been more rigorous with them, but I always told them to “just do your best.” As a direct consequence of this, they are exceedingly charitable and kind.”

On November 13, 2006, Chris submitted a petition seeking a divorce from her spouse of 18 years; at the time, their children ranged in age from 10 to 15. In a joint statement, the former couple stated that it was a “mutual” choice to end their relationship.

Chris Evert really lamented the fact that her relationship with Andy Mills had a negative impact on her family life.
The fact that she had left Andy for his buddy, golfer Greg “The Great White Shark” Norman, was eventually revealed to the whole world as the reality. “The Great White Shark” Chris and Greg’s marriage, which began with a beautiful wedding in the Bahamas in June 2008 and lasted for just 15 months, was doomed to fail almost immediately after it began.

The tennis great, who is now in the International Tennis Hall of Fame, came to the realization that she had lost what she had in her stable relationship with her second husband, who has now remarried, too late.

Her third spouse desired a jet-set lifestyle, but all she wanted was a quiet life at home with her kids. It was alleged that there were disagreements between the children and their stepfather.

She claims that the time she spent with Andy and their children was the finest part of her life, and if she had her life to live again, she would take some time to reflect on what went wrong and make an effort to fix things so that they are successful.

As can be seen from the birthday message that Chris sent along with a picture of him hugging Andy in 2021, the Grand Slam champion and Andy are still in love with one other. The fact that the couple only lived 15 minutes apart from each other made it possible for them to continue to spend time together as a family even though they were co-parenting their children.

All Three of Chris Evert’s Sons Are Now Adults, and One of Them Has Already Started His Own Family.

The Evert-Mill clan continues to function as a tightly knit family unit. Chris Evert has attended several events with his brothers in the role of his date. One of the rare public social media postings on Colton is a tweet that his mother sent in 2013 from the occasion of his prom. Colton continues to be the most elusive of the group.

Mill House is the name of a fishing podcast that Nicky and his father, Andy, co-host. On the show, they talk to people who are considered “innovators, legends, and pioneers of the outdoors.” During the summer months, he works as a fly fishing guide, and during the autumn months, he guides big game archery hunts.

The outdoorsman was the first of the Mill brothers to be married, and he did so on the first weekend of September 2022. Rebecca Mill was his bride. The mother of the groom expressed her ecstatic satisfaction with the engagement, stating that she is “very thrilled and proud of these two.”

Alex, a former skateboarder who has the ambition of getting married one day as his younger brother did, was ecstatic to finally be able to name Rebecca his sister. He is a CrossFit enthusiast and a member of the Invictus Athletics team.

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