Jon Cryer, who plays one of the lead characters on the popular program “Two and a Half Men,” reportedly had a difficult first marriage that came dangerously close to taking his life. He was blessed with a second opportunity at love and happiness when he married Lisa Joyner, who became his second wife.

The couple has a kid together named Charlie Austin who was born in the year 2000. Cryer’s first marriage was to Sarah Trigger, a former actress from London, and lasted from 1999 till 2004. Trigger’s career came to a standstill at the same time as Cryer’s was thriving as a result of his highly rated television program. While she appeared in smaller parts, he made more than a half million dollars every episode of the show.

After they separated, Trigger sought Cryer to pay him a monthly child support payment of $10,000, despite the fact that Cryer had primary care of their son. Trigger did end up remarrying, and she and her new husband, David Dickey, welcomed a second son, Alex, into the world.

In spite of this, Cryer made a request to the court for full custody of Charlie when Trigger was arrested in 2009 on suspicion of abusing Alex, who was his kid. Additionally, he asked the court to terminate the child support payments that he was making to his ex-wife; however, the motion was refused since it would have an effect on the kid. Instead, the judge ordered the actor to make reduced installments of $8,000 toward his child support obligation. Trigger, on the other hand, admitted that he was to blame for Alex’s safety being put in jeopardy and entered counseling as the judge had ordered him to do.

After the custody and child support fight, in 2010 Cryer went public with accusations that his ex-wife had attempted to take his life by hiring a hitman to murder him. The allegations were that the hitman was hired by his ex-wife. Even though Trigger rejected the charges, the FBI investigated the actor’s claims and came to the conclusion that Trigger was innocent after finding no compelling proof that he was guilty.

Cryer met Joyner when he was embroiled in a lengthy court fight with his first wife, but it took him six weeks to get up the courage to ask her out on a date. In an interview given in 2015, his wife commented on how much time her husband spent with her by saying the following:

I was under the impression that he was going to become my new closest homosexual buddy. We became familiar with one another. And if things hadn’t worked out the way they did, I don’t believe we’d be together now.”

In 2007, the couple wed in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and two years later, in 2009, they brought their daughter Daisy into the world via adoption. Even though they do not have any children of their own, the couple’s love has survived the test of time and emerged even stronger than before.

In the year 2020, Cryer revealed on Twitter that he had been “choked up” over the fact that he had misplaced his wedding ring during a stormy evening in Cooper’s Park in Vancouver.

“It’s difficult to be apart from one other, especially because my wife and I have been married since 2007,” said Cryer. “We’ve been through a lot together.” Since of the quarantine, I won’t be able to see her while I’m on set because I can’t fly back and forth. Which is a terrible thing to say. The loss of my ring is making the ache in my finger much more intense.

The actor posted a request for assistance on Craigslist and was soon contacted by Chris Turner of The Ring Finders, who brought a metal detector with him. Turner did not have high hopes of discovering the ring in such a crowded park, but Cryer was one fortunate individual. They found the ring three meters distant from where Cryer had been standing when he dropped it and lost it.

Joyner said that locating the ring “saved a marriage,” and the fact that her husband made an attempt to locate the ring once again increased the amount of love she had for him. In her words:

“That ring meant a great deal to me. It carries with it a vast amount of history.”

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