A dog named Rockland lived in an apartment building’s common areas for a decade, and those passageways were his home. He was referred to as “no one’s dog” since he was dependent on the kind tenants of the building to feed and look after him. Aside from that, the hardy puppy was left on his own to fend for himself.

When the residents of the building realized they could no longer care for Rockland, they made the decision to contact Animal Haven for assistance. After so many years, the lovable senior dog finally had somewhere to call home and was protected from the elements. The fact that he was merely sitting in his kennel did not get him any closer to finding a home.

Animal Haven volunteer Tedi Sarah was concerned that it would be difficult for the older canine to capture people’s interest. To make circumstances even direr, it was discovered that Rockland had cancer. Even though his time was short, he deserved to spend his golden years with a genuine family even if it was unlikely that this would happen. And Sarah was resolute in her efforts to make it occur.

Sarah has been quoted as saying to The Dodo, “As soon as I met him and heard his tale, I knew I had to assist him.” “My first thought was, ‘He can’t pass away in the shelter,'” I said to myself. It is impossible for someone to pass away without having experienced the warmth and support of his own family.'”

In a video that she shared on social media, Sarah made an appeal to prospective adopters to give Rockland some thought. In spite of the fact that it was Christmas, Rockland was spending another holiday by himself. Sarah vowed that this would never happen to her again.

Sarah said in the article, “We all adore him at the shelter and would want nothing more than to see him find a forever home of his own while he still can.”

It didn’t take long before we began receiving applications from people who were interested in the position. Rockland’s tale touched the hearts of a great number of people, and they all wished for his success and fulfillment.

Because of the speed with which it produced results, Rockland is one of my favorite examples of rapid economic growth. Sarah said.

After going over all of the applications, it was determined that Bessy Gatto would be the ideal new mother for Rockland.

Sarah said that “She has a tremendous heart and has rescued a number of pets in the past that had unique needs.” “She’d seen me post him before, during my trips to the shelter, and then when the Christmas post of him went up, she stepped up straight away and reached out to the shelter about adopting him,” I said. “She’d seen me post him before, during my visits to the shelter.”

Rockland has not only gained a new mother, but also a whole slew of new siblings with whom he may hang around. It is very evident that from this point forward, the sociable dog will never again need to be concerned about the prospect of being alone.

“He’s a big brother now to young dog siblings and two human siblings, both of whom he is incredibly kind to,” Sarah said of her dog’s new human and canine siblings. They look up to him as a god.

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