Even though they are only four months old, Star and Denver have already been through a lot in their little lives.

Two Terrier mix pups, along with their mother and six other siblings, were found abandoned in a remote area of Louisiana. They were later transported to San Diego, where they were given a second shot at life.

Thankfully, a kind family discovered the stray dogs and chose to keep the mother while bringing the puppies to a rescue organization so that they might be adopted.
However, much like a great number of other shelters around the country, this one was already overflowing with pups. The Helen Woodward Animal Center, which is a partner shelter, came to the rescue, which is wonderful.

As soon as the Woodward Center became aware of the situation, plans were prepared for the 1,900-mile trip to California that would be taken by the whole litter as well as 31 additional pups that the shelter had been unable to place with new families.

After they arrived to the Center, the employees found out that Star, a female puppy from the Louisiana litter, had certain criteria that needed to be met. She was able to effectively navigate the world by using her other senses despite the fact that she was unable to hear and was almost entirely blind.

Her best friend was a male puppy in the litter called Denver, and he was one of her littermates. The rest of the litter was relieved she was gone and happy to go back to playing.

As a result of Denver’s protection, Star and Denver became very close. Even while he was having a good time with the other exuberant pups, Denver couldn’t resist the need to check on his sister every so often.

The personnel at the Helen Woodward Center deliberated on the matter, and ultimately decided that both recommendations should be approved simultaneously.

As reported by CBS8 News, a spokesperson for the Center named Jessica Gercke said that “her brother Denver actually stood by her side” throughout the event. In spite of the fact that there were eight of them, Denver maintained a close proximity to her and guided her around the room. She was helpless without his support.

Due to the fact that Denver was bitten by a bee and required some time to heal, the two of them were going to be made available for adoption towards the end of February. During this time period, the story of the couple was reported by news sources located all throughout the country. As a direct consequence of that, an overwhelming number of phone calls were received asking with the couple to adopt a child.

“These pups have gone above and above all we’ve seen so far,” said Gercke. “We could not be more impressed.” “Just recently, we were given a phone call from someone who wanted to know whether they could transport them overseas; of course, we would not allow this. In order to make sure that everyone is together, we are going to retain them for whatever much time is required.

A few weeks after all adoption bids for the new celebrity pups had been considered, Star and Denver were finally allowed to move into their new, happy home together.

On March 11, an update including the following information was provided by the Helen Woodward Center:

“We are pleased to share the news that Star and Denver, our well-known puppy combo, have been adopted by the perfect family for them to live out their lives together! Watch what happens when their adoptive parents find out that a kind donor has paid all of the fees associated with their adoption. Star and Denver have just started a new chapter of their life with their doting parents in Encinitas, which is an exciting time for all of them.

Even the costs associated with the adoption were covered by a gracious donor.

But before the adored pups left the Center, the staff hosted a farewell party for them. This was a chance for everyone who had cared for them over the previous weeks to say their goodbyes.

We are overjoyed that this adorable duo has been able to find one other and that rescue organizations and private groups around the country are working together to ensure that every animal is given the opportunity to live in a caring family.

If you have ever contributed money to a charity that helps animals, this is the type of important work that your contribution goes toward supporting.

You may see the sweet video that introduces the two of them by clicking on the link below. A video of Star and Denver’s journey to their new, permanent home is now available to see.

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