During the time that Craig Ferguson hosted “The Late Late Show,” he married his longtime girlfriend, Megan Wallace Cunningham, in a private wedding. The online series that the pair created came about as a result of their shared intellectual interest.

After Craig Ferguson went through his second divorce, he began dating Megan Wallace Cunningham Ferguson, and the two have been together since since. Since she has contributed writing to not one but two of his stand-up comedy specials, it should not come as a surprise if the Scottish comic includes some anecdotes about his family in his act.

The pair has considered life on both the American and European sides of the ocean. She spent her childhood on a farm in Vermont, and she has made it no secret on their program how much she dislikes living in Los Angeles.

In his show, Craig would often say things like, “I Married a Woman.”

The affluent landowning family that Wallace Cunningham was born into in Chester, Vermont, can trace their ancestry all the way back to Founding Father John Adams. Wallace Cunningham was born into this family. She graduated from high school in her native state and went on to establish a successful career as an art dealer.

On January 5, 2009, her husband made the public announcement of their marriage by displaying his gold wedding band to the crowd while recording an episode of “The Late Late Show.” The Scotsman posted a picture on social media of themselves on the day of their wedding, which was covered in snow, and he was wearing a kilt. He said:

“The ceremony was held in Vermont, a state that has just passed legislation to permit homosexual civil unions; yet, I married a woman. […] “But since I am European, I was both the groom and the maid of honor at the wedding,” she said.

The host of the late-night show speculated that the famous couple’s children may be named “Cragan.” It was a popular past time for the tabloids at the time to create portmanteau names of prominent couples at the time, and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt became known as “Brangelina.”

It was said that the clandestine wedding took place at the farmhouse belonging to the Cunningham family on December 21, 2008. On January 31, 2011, the couple became parents for the first time to a son named Liam.

In the 1980s, Ferguson was married to graphic artist Anne Hogarth for a period of three years. In 2004, he ended his marriage to bodybuilder and guy owner Sascha Corwin. In the course of his second marriage, his son Milo was born.

Megan Is Craig’s Best Friend. In the Past, He Had Remarked
Megan mentions the fact that they began a dialogue 14 years ago that is still being carried on at the introduction of their six-part YouTube video titled “Couple Thinkers,” which was uploaded in 2017.

The notion of the series was an expansion of this dialogue in which they went to a competent third party in the hopes of resolving some of their philosophical disagreements.

The pair posed the question, “Can genuine food transform the world?” to Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk at the Watts Learning Center in the pilot episode of the show, which has been seen over 1.2 million times.

In later episodes of the season, the inquisitive pair had conversations with prominent intellectuals such as molecular scientist Daisy Robinton and Arianna Huffington. Ferguson often refers to his co-host as the “love of his life” as well as his “best friend.”

While they were in Norway filming a feature with bestselling author of mystery novels Jo Nesb, who has changed careers and living situations several times, the couple began to seriously consider purchasing their own property in Los Angeles. On their facetious list of the country’s advantages and disadvantages, Scotland’s poor education system earned it points, while its dreary climate cost it points.

On the other hand, the parents believed that the City of Angels had an expensive education system and awful traffic, but that it had beautiful weather. The man who had previously lived in Vermont said that life in Los Angeles may be exceedingly irritating:

“Being here in Los Angeles was never really part of the plan for me to begin with. And I absolutely have fantasies of getting away from it.

The episode came to a close with Ferguson tossing a coin to choose which of the two locations they would visit. Since he was unhappy with the outcome of the coin toss, Megan decided to make a wish in the fountain, but she kept her request to herself.

This is not the first time that the two brilliant minds have collaborated on a project; she has contributed to a handful of his comedy specials in the past. She is recognized as a writer on “Craig Ferguson: Just Being Honest” and “Craig Ferguson: I’m Here to Help,” as well as a consultant producer on “Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to Be Said?”

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