After Rex passed away, his tale, which was about a stray dog who sold donuts to raise money for his treatment, went popular on the internet. In the episode of La Verdad Noticias, Silvia V. came to the aid of Rex after he had been struck by a car.

To help pay for Rex’s prescriptions, Silvia began a business selling empanadas and doughnuts with the assistance of Rex. People began making their way to the Polgono 108 park in order to see Rex and give him support by purchasing donuts.

Regrettably, Rex’s condition began to deteriorate, and he had to be sent to the hospital as soon as possible since he was unable to stop throwing up. After Silvia V. published his tale on social media, thankfully, a good-natured lady offered to assist in taking him to an orthopedic specialist. After that, he was sent to a veterinary facility where he was kept dehydrated and given serum at the same time.

Due to the complexity of Rex’s condition, surgery was not a viable option. As a result, Silvia began asking others to help donate money for Rex since he was spending a significant amount of money on food and medicine.

Sadly, the dog passed away because he was unable to maintain his strength. Silvia said on many social media platforms that the funds that were donated would be used to cremate Rex, and if there is any money left over, it will be utilized to assist other dogs who are in need. So long, Rex!

By Elen

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